Monday, July 7, 2014

Mum is home!

After zillion years of waiting, Mum IS finally home.

Obviously, she had lots of lots of fun without me in Hannover with sister Rosie and then she did something which really upset me; she secretly flew across some seas to visit my favourite Auntie Lian and brought home with all those sheltie smells and furs with her. I sensed it the second she wanted to give me a bear hug but I immediately dodged a few hundred yards from her. No way, I, as a princess, just can't bear this.

Nope. You can't see me, can you?
However, after some reconsiderations, I decided to forgive her as I could see the guilty look in her eyes. Besides, it seems some treasures were well hidden in her big orange bag. I'd better be smart than sorry.

Look what I've got!
Toys from Auntie Lian and Mum
Can you see the red & white tug and the ball under the turtle frisbee? Those are the toys that Mum learned and made at Auntie Lian's, of course, it's all under auntie Lian's supervision as well.

My sweetest auntie always knows what I like best. It was really difficult for me to pose with those treats though. Hope you can't see my drool.

Mika wanted to know what he has got from Mum and I promised him I'll share all my treats with him. I'm a good girl. I'M.

Well, I'm a very happy princess now.

Some sheltie dance for you guys!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Guard Dog!

Mum is going to Hannover and leaving me and dad at home AGAIN!

I think Mum misses sister Rosie a lot so she needs to spends some time with her. Well, I think that's fair enough as I have her days and nights. It's Rosie's turn to have Mum now.

I'm a guard dog you see so I promised her I'll take care of the house and Dad while she isn't at home.

I check every corner of the yard

Never miss anything like this

Ta ta! It's patrolling time now.

P.s.  So sorry for not being able to leave many of my pawprints in your comment boxes but we do visit everyone of you all the time.  Mum is slow lately and her excuse is her age is catching up with her. :(

Monday, May 5, 2014


What does a 400g mean to you?

The Dr. VET said I've put on a little weight so I'm 400g heavier than last year. Dad think it's alright as I'm still pretty, slim and fit but my mum wasn't so happy with the news at all. I'm afraid some strict diet programmes which I loath so much will be on in no time though.

But what can a little princess do? I'd better keep my paws crossed tightly from now on.

I might end up looking for some supplements here and there

or going green

Monday, March 10, 2014

Laura's Birthday

You're 14th today!
Happy Birthday Laura!
We miss you a lot!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Life is beautiful!

Would you like to have some green? I've plenty here.

No happenings at home at the moment so I spend most of my time pondering over life

then I realise my little birds have grown up well.

Found this lonely fellow in my yard! Nope, I didn't disturb him.

Out of the blue, Mom changed her mind and yippee, I'm a very happy girl again.

Life is beautiful!
Have a marvellous Wednesday!

P.s. A secret to share with you: my playmate will be home soon!!!

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