Monday, March 10, 2014

Laura's Birthday

You're 14th today!
Happy Birthday Laura!
We miss you a lot!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Life is beautiful!

Would you like to have some green? I've plenty here.

No happenings at home at the moment so I spend most of my time pondering over life

then I realise my little birds have grown up well.

Found this lonely fellow in my yard! Nope, I didn't disturb him.

Out of the blue, Mom changed her mind and yippee, I'm a very happy girl again.

Life is beautiful!
Have a marvellous Wednesday!

P.s. A secret to share with you: my playmate will be home soon!!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wonderful Vacation

Oh, I'm home at last!

After 20 days staying in Wagcations, Casa Mel under the care of Nanny Mel; I'm so happy that I'm home. A good rest after all the excitements and happenings is indeed needed but I think I've already started missing her and my pals there :)

My sincere apologies that I didn't manage to visit your blogs once I was home. It's all my mom's fault but she blamed it on the jet lag. She did look bad and dead for a couple of days but she's okay now.

I'd love to tell you about my holiday in words but I think pictures speak a thousand words and you might like to see me in pictures too.

Some of my new & old buddies

A very civilised bunch of us lining up for treats

 The handsome yellow lab is my big brother/bodyguard.

Modelling for nanny Mel under the hot sun

Feeling safe to sleep beside my bodyguard

Nope! I'm not greedy! 
They eat too slow!

It's important to get the first hand news of the day!

Always making sure that I'm the first to get some walkies.

I was making the most of my last day stay in Wagcations by pinning down Lulu the Labradoodle while playing. This is the first time I pinned down someone and I didn't know what I should do after that, so instead of walking away rudely, I thought it might be alrightish if I sat on her head for awhile. Teehee...

P.s. It was a long vacation for both humans and Eva this time but I'm very pleased to know that Eva was actually enjoying her holiday. According to Melissa, a wonderful doggy sitter who always texted, sent us pictures and videos of our princess, our little shy princess has grown to be a more confident, relaxed and braver girl. However, during the stay at Casa Mel, the princess knew exactly how a PRINCESS should be treated to :)

Many thanks to Melissa for sending us her wonderful pictures and videos of our princess. I didn't put up the videos here as I don't know how to transfer the videos from my phone to the blog :((

By the way, I secretly think the greedy princess had loads of treats all the time during her holiday stay. Well, who could ever resist that face?

Can I have some more, pleaseeeeeee?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter Break!

How would you feel when you see ONE big bag with some clothes lying on the floor suddenly? Will your stomach start churning?

How about when there are TWO HUGE BAGS with lots of stuff scattered around them?
Does your mind go blank due to the shock?

I've seen the bags out since two days ago and Mom has been busy putting things in, then taking some out, putting them back again and taking some out again. She's insane!

Dad shyly/slyly said I'm having my winter break soon! But excuse me, we don't have any winter here; we have only summer, summer and summer!!! Besides, I don't need any break; I've already had more than enough for the past few weeks. Then he said I'm going to have a lot of fun with many other four-legged furry friends and I'll love it. Do you really think so, DAD?

I'd better keep my paws crossed !

I'm afraid I won't be able to visit you for the next few weeks as I'm going to have a VERY long vacation from tomorrow onwards :(

However, I hope Mom and Dad have a great time with sister Rosie in that far far land and I, the Princess, will be treated as a true Princess in a place called 'Wagcations'.

I've to pluck up my courage and let everyone know that I'm a true PRINCESS once I'm there!

Princess on her Throne

P.s. Please keep your paws crossed for me. I'm a bit worried now.

Friday, January 17, 2014


It's quiet here: no polar vortex, no snow, no floods, no storm, not even a drop of rain.

Dad watched 'Gravity' the other day while Mom just peeped here and there over his shoulder. The next day her 'forever young' girlfriends talked about what gravity has done to their still beautiful yet not-so-radiant face. I was drawn to their subject-of-the-day and learned a lot from their very intellectual conversation. After that, it took me the whole afternoon to digest what they'd discussed about. 
I think GRAVITY has attacked me too! 

Proof 1

Proof 2

Have a great weekend!

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