Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vet visit

Hi, it's me, Eva here. My mom asked me to do the latest report of our vet visit here as she has been busy lately.

We're going to the vet later!

As you all know that since Uncle Mika had the car accident, he became the main focus at home. I'm always left unnoticed and I'm a little upset about it. Besides, I've to take over most of his duties too.
Got to look serious during my shift

Anyway, I shouldn't grumble and complain here. He's my uncle and I've to respect him. Okay, let's come back to the vet visit.

We arrived at the clinic 5 minutes before it opened so we had to wait for it. As the clinic is facing a very busy main road, I was busy watching all the different moving objects, it's really interesting! Uncle didn't bother about the moving objects at all, he was only interested in sniffing other's
pees. I wasn't interested in it, well, I did sniff at it but once I knew it's smelly, I walked away. However, Mika is different, he would take a deep breath and sniff at it hard again and again, he didn't look happy with them either.

While he was sniffing around the outside of the clinic, he was hopping with his 3 legs. The 4th leg was always hanging in the air. My mom was quite upset with him because she works hard every day to make sure he has enough walking, stretching and swimming.

My uncle Mika is a cool guy. He can run very fast and hop like a rabbit with only 3 legs! While he's swimming, he can't act cool anymore because he has to use the leg NO.4 to kick the water. So my mom is happy and cheekily extended a little bit of time each day. Luckily Uncle Mika doesn't know how much time he has to be soaked in the water,  I wouldn't want to know either. Brrr... Shudder!!!
Doesn't he look he enjoys it?

Mom and Dad also walk Mika every morning. He finally uses his leg NO. 4 more frequently during the walks lately but only when he's on leash. Once the leash is off, he hops happily again as if nothing has happened. He told me he just does it to please Mom and Dad while they are walking him.

So while we were waiting for the clinic to open, Mika didn't use the leg No. 4 at all.
BUT once the assistant came to open the door, guess what??? Leg No. 4 touched down!!! Can you believe it???

My mom was so surprised, she couldn't believe her eyes at all. That injured leg was walking, a bit limping and slow but my uncle was walking with his 4 legs all the time while he was at the clinic. The vet praised him all the time and gave him loads of treats! Even his assistant gave him some treats. Uncle Mika was so happy and wagged his tail so hard that I was so worried that his tail would fall off!

Me? I didn't get that much attention and treats though. In fact, I behaved much better at the clinic because I always sat and watched the passing vehicles but Uncle Mika always pulled the leash and sniffed around.

The vet said Mika's muscle is coming back a bit, I guess it means he has more muscles! He also told my mom to keep the walking, swimming and stretching. Sigh!!! Attention is still on Mika.

Another shocking news was Uncle Mika is on the weight GAINING programme! The vet said he should have more food!!! Can you believe it? I've never heard of this before, don't people just talk about weight CONTROL???
He doesn't need extra food, does he?

It's so sad to hear that I've the perfect weight. I don't get a chance to have one extra biscuit at all! How I wish the scale was faulty!
However, my mom was so proud of herself that she could maintain my weight like what she does to herself, sigh! Woman!!!

I've a little problem with my two front paws though. There are a little lump on my right paw and a pinky patch on my left knee. We went to two vets, the first one said it was nothing serious and sent us home without giving me anything. However, the red lump didn't look good to my mom so she took me to the second vet. He suspected it might be something called ATOPY but he isn't sure about it yet. It seems it's something related to skin disease, things like yeast. If we really want to find it out, I should go for a detailed blood test but this isn't 100% accurate either. He gave me a lotion and some tablets which are for me not to feel the itchiness so I won't lick them. I hope they work for me because my mom is so worried about me.
See my pinky spots?

After all the praises again for Uncle Mika from the vet again, we finally went home.

Something unbelievable happened again! Once my uncle Mika stepped out of the clinic, leg NO. 4 was in the air again as if he had never used that leg before at all! I was so dumbfounded  and my mom said Uncle Mika was so pretentious!!! I think he's a great actor though! He had got so many treats because he was walking like me. I wonder why I didn't get as much as his and I always walk with four legs. Weird!!!

Uncle Mika was so proud of himself and he kept on talking about the vet visit.

Oops! Sorry for this lengthy report. Mom said I was a bit too long-winded but I just wanted to give you a detailed report.


Sara said...

What wonderful news! I'm so, so happy that Mika is putting his leg down. All that swimming is paying off.

I hope the patches on Eva's leg get better soon.

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Golden Thanks for sharing your vet visit. Good to hear about Mika's No4 leg. I recently had a paw injury n it took me a while to put pressure on my foot. For sure Mika will gain more weight soon --- extra food will definitely do that. Hope you get extra treats for being so sweet. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

The Thundering Herd said...

Thanks for sharing the whole vet visit and congrats to Mika for the progress. Uh - and Kodiak got put on a weight gain program last summer, too, and we thought it was totally unfair.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hey, that's great news about Mika getting some muscle back in his leg! Even if he isn't using it all the time at least he is using it some of the time! The walking and swimming is really paying off!

Hope your pinky patches heal quickly Eva and prove to be nothing serious!

Caren Gittleman said...

I think Uncle Mika is quite the actor and extremely intelligent! He knew that if he walked with all 4 legs that the vet wouldn't do anything more to him so that is why he did it! Smart doggie! Wow he gets to eat more food too!!?? That is a doggie and kitty's DREAM!
About Eva's paw, as I had mentioned to you we are going through the EXACT same thing with Dakota. I don't understand it. Dakota's pink is mostly on one paw and to me it is a little darker but I am not sure. Our vet said it is an allergy (but we do not know what he is allergic to, he does not think it is a food allergy)
We got cream and an antibiotic...the cream must taste good because Dakota licks and licks it off after I put it on!
We have been a little remiss about not applying the cream twice a day because we forgot (we are bad parents)
I might be taking him back to the vet this week for more cream and see what he says. Will let you know what I find out.
Since we both have Shelties, I am wondering if they are prone to this?

Coco said...

Vet visits are never any fun are they ? but they are good for us. I hope Mika's leg is better soon.

George the Lad said...

Thanks for the up date, hope your paws get better soon. Looks like Mika is pulling a fast one on you all!!! with that leg :)
See Yea George xxx

MadameMoiselle said...

Uncle Mika is so cute.. He surely knows what to do at different places.. smart boy..

Im sure you will be getting back your attention soon. Mika surely sounds like he is on a speedy recovery.. Keep up the good job Priscilla!


Happy said...

Is the princess at home lacking of love? She needs to come over here or go back to training for more :) Glad to heard that mr.mika is having a speedy recovery. I'm sure they all still love you tho, if not you could always run away .. to my place!

Kristine said...

That's so great that Mika is slowly healing. It's nice when all of your hard work pays off. I really hope he continues to improve.

Good on you, Eva for behaving so well throughout all this. It can't be easy.

Kathy said...

I know with Cherry after her FHO I kept her in a crate and just walked her on leash for a good week or two, like a million walks a day because she would only put down her foot if she walked on leash, after that I could let her go back to normal because she started using her leg more often on her own, I think she had become so used to not putting her foot down that she had to be going slower and more thoughtful to rememer she even could put her foot down. Anyway, it was what I had to do for Cherry to use her leg,....not sure if that has worked for any other dogs but thought I would throw it out there, because it sounds like Mika can use that leg, YIPPPIE!!! Sounds like you have been working so hard with him, I hope things are starting to look up, gosh Mika has had a hard road with this whole injury ;-(, glad you got some good news and glad there is nothing seriously wrongwith Evas paw!

Nat said...

Glad to hear that he's improving! Keep it up Mika! Wall-e has to gain a bit of weight too. Maybe they can take a weight gaining program together :)

I think you have such a good mom, it's great that she brought you to two different vets to find out what was up with your paw. Glad to hear that it's not too bad!

By the way, I just love Mika's ears, one up and one down.

jen said...

Great news about Mika!!!
I hope his recovery continues to go good!

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Wow, Mika sure knows how to get the cookies! I was having a picnic once and a bird hopped over only on one leg. I felt bad for it so I gave it a small piece of bread. Wouldn't you know, he put the other leg down and flew away with it! Sneaky, sneaky.

Casey has to go on a little bit of a weight GAINING program too. I'm jealous, and so is Layla. Layla has to lose a few pounds. I have to lose...well, that's not important :) But Casey has to gain about 10 pounds or so.

I hope your front paws get cleared up. I do see the pink spots, but I hope the lotion and tablets work. Then, when you go back to the vet, all the attention will be on you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eva!
Mika is such an inspiration to all of us doggies!! :-)

Sorry about the pinky spots. My paws are covered in 'em, but its cause of my allergies. I gotta get my paws wiped every time after I step foot outside. It gets annoying, but it beats itching my paws all day!

Licks of love,


Noah said...

Mika knows how to get the treats, give the people what they want! I don't use my 4th leg much either unless i'm on a leash for a walk too. But I am alot better now then I was before the surgery.
Eva, sorry about your pinky spots. Hopefully they will get it all cleared up.

Caren Gittleman said...

@Simba, what do your Mom and Dad use to wipe your paws when you go outside?
I am wondering if my Sheltie is allergic to the outside too.

Lola said...

Well, you had a lot to report. I'm glad Uncle Mika is doing as well as he is. It does sound like he's got a way to go, though, and that does mean extra attention for him. I guess there's no way around that. He sounds like quite an actor, too, what with the leg up, leg down routine.

I hope that stuff helps and your pink spots clear up fast. I've always got something going on. Kind of goes with the breed and keeps the humans busy.

lotsa licks, Lola

Sagira said...

Sounds like he likes to keep your mom on her toes. hehe.

Glad that you guys had a good report at the vet though. :)

Marie said...

Very good news about Mika being able to use his leg, even if it's not all the time yet. And Eva, all the shelties here feel your pain about not getting to take part diets to gain weight either. Sorry. LOL

Sierra Rose said...

Hi ya! Well....good news that leggie No. 4 is mostly down... Keep on healing. And, smiling :)

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Diana said...

Dogs are so funny. Its just like them. You take to the vet because they are lame but once you get there,no lameness. I hope Mika continues to get well and Eva's spots get better. Diana

Minna Krebs said...

Sounds like Mika might be up for an Academy Award! BOL!!!!

It is good news, that his leg is doing better! What relief!

Butt, I must say, I am very very jealous that he gets to be on the weight gaining program! Wow...he gets extra biscuits and everything?!?!?!


sprinkles said...

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Tanuki Maxx said...

And the best dog-tor award goes to...Mika!
Weight gain program? Wow, I wanna be in it too!!
Hope all goes well for you and Mika! Will keep you both in my prayers!!
Have a luvly week my furiends!!


Hound Girl said...

We are just catching up and so glad Mika is doing better and Miss Eva you are doing a great job playing nurse!

I can tell you have a nice camera :) I am so ready to stop taking pictures with my iphone and post my new pics with my nikon but now I just have to learn photoshop hahah :)

Peggy Frezon said...

Have you tried holding a paw in the air, or something, just for a few minutes in front of the vet, to get a little extra attention or a treat? Seriously, I'm glad your check up went well and I hope they figure out about the skin patches.

Remington said...

The pics are SO awesome! Thanks for sharing! I hope all works out for Mika. Maybe with time....

Anonymous said...

I just saw your "Coffee with a Canine" post and I wanted to congratulate you on a great interview.

Is there a better smell in the morning than freshly ground beans?

The Thuglets said...

So pleased that Mika appears to be on the mend! we didn't think your poat was long winded.

Lots of pawsative thoughts that Eva's medication works on her paws.

Big nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

♥ Sallie said...

I hope your little foot is ok!


RYKER said...

You gave a very good report Eva. That Mika is a little stinker about being four footed! I must say that you are looking very grown up these days Miss Eva, and beautiful as always!

Helen said...

Gkad to hear Uncle Mika is doing so well. Ceilidh had seasonal allergies and she would get pink spots on her legs and feet; at the worst she lost most of the hair on her front feet. Sge had to be on anti-histomines late spring and summer when the pollen was bad.

Anonymous said...

Hi There Eva (its me, again!) hehe.

@Caren and Eva: My mom wipes my paws with different things depending on the day and the season. She watches and usually on days when its over 3 I have problems. So, she uses a few different products. On days when the allergies are lower, she uses Canus Natures Dog Wipes: ( She just started using this after Sugar the Golden Retrievers Momma told her about them. She usually uses these in the morning and right before bed, or just on days when allergies aren't as high. They are great for your skin and the goats milk is very repairing for damaged skin and skin that has been hived up by allergies.
On really bad days, or in the middle of the day she wets a washclothe and puts Virback Epi Soothe Cream Rinse on it (she pours the cream on the wash clothe about once every other day and just re-wets it each time she uses it) and that works great. The Vet gave it to us, and we buy it through her, but it is also available online in a couple of places. I am not sure which has the best price, but I buy it from the vet at about $9. Here is a link so you can see the product:
The vet said that you can either wipe his paws with it every time he comes in, or, I can just bathe him in it 2-4 times a week. My back is not strong enough to bend over that many times a week, so I just whipe his paws in it. It really works. It works as a sheild against the allergens and I have seen a definite difference.

I hope this info is helpful to the both of you. I would recommend the Canus Wipes to you, Eva! They are very easy on sensitive and irritated skin. And, soothing too! Not to mention they are of good pricing. Caren, the Epi Soothe Cream Rinse might be something you should try. I hope you both find this usefull and I hope i didn't write too much!


Mango said...

Mika is getting better! I think his little leg four must feel funny and so he sometimes decides not to use it, but he needs to keep working out and eating.

I had warts between my toes once and they really hurt. It was caused by a problem with my immune system. I hope you figure out what is going on soon.


Caren Gittleman said...

Simba thank you sooooooooooo much for your suggestions/advice!

I really appreciate it!!

Kirby, CGC said...

Hi Eva,
You stopped by and became my one of my followers so I stopped by to follow you! Woof! You are very pretty!!! I also had to gain wait like Mika, I have been at my new home for 5 months and I have gained 5 pounds!!! Hope you find out what's going on with your paws.


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