Monday, May 16, 2011

Poofie Coat

Eva is now almost one and a half years old.
Time does fly, doesn't it?

After her spay, her coat has increased so much in volume!
It's getting harder and harder to groom her because there are just so many layers!

Here are some photos :)

Sometimes, I wonder
Where's my little puppy girl gone?


hero said...

Inside the many layers of coat, there is a little puppy girl, just that the puppy has become more beautiful... as a princess should be ;)

Licks, hero

Sara said...

She really is a regal girl. She looks so clean and shiny! Makes me think I need to give my two hooligans a bath....if I can catch them!

Sapphire said...

Pretty Eva. Every dog will have their puppy moments every now and then, in my case, all the time! Enjoy every bit :)

Reilly / Bree said...

She is beautiful - and she will ALWAYS be your sweet little princess.

Diana said...

She is beautiful with all that coat.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

It is amazing how they go from puppy coat to full coat like that and look like completely different dogs. Eva is beautiful now and always has been!

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

Eva has thick and luxurious fur!!

I wish you were here to show me how to properly brush Dakota...I am sooo bad about brushing him as often as I should.

Eva looks gorgeous!

Bailey said...

She is just getting that princess coat that she didn't need as a puppy. Katy is blowing her coat right now and it is constant brushing to keep up with the hair puffs.

Schnauzer Days said...

That is one impressive coat you have there Eva, our human doesn't envy yours having to groom it, she does a fantastic job of keeping you looking like a model! Dex & Lou x

♥I am Holly♥ said...

Eva is just so beautiful with her gorgeous coat!! Down inside of all of the layers of fur is your little girl. She is really a princess!! Lots of love, Holly & Mom

euthymic said...

Eva is sure pretty and elegant with the way her hair layers down her face and on the front. And we love her ears:)

Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

Remington said...


Corbin said...

She's is so very beautiful!

Kathy said...

I think the tiny puppy has GROWN UP to be a beautiful, elegant princess ;-), very cool seeing that happen!

RYKER said...

Eva is a True Beauty. She is stunning and you always have her looking her best.
I have been working hard on brushing Ryker and helping him shed his warm winter undercoat now that it is no longer needed. It is a labor of love.

Terrorzinhos said...

You little girl, continues to be "little"! =))
But now turned into a beautiful princess! And yes, time flies!

Have a nice week!

Maggie and Mitch said...

You are such a gorgeous lady, Eva!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

houndstooth said...

Most of our Shelties got their full coat at around eighteen months to two years old, too! It definitely makes them look grown up!

Bunny's mom

Kristin G. said...

I do the same thing with Zoe. She'll be two years old in June. I look back at her younger photos, and can tell her baby face is gone. Time flies, doesn't it? Eva's coat is gorgeous!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Poofie ROKHKS!


Lorenza said...

You are sooo right! Time flies!
Eva looks gorgeous!
Kisses and hugs

ForPetsSake said...

She will always be your puppy! But wow - she is really stunning. Eva is the kind of girl who should be in those "breed books" to show off the Sheltie!

T. Maxx said...

And what a beautiful gorgeous coat it is! Of course beneath that coat, lies a beautiful soul we are lucky to have gotten to know!!


T. Maxx said...

And what a beautiful gorgeous coat it is! Of course beneath that coat, lies a beautiful soul we are lucky to have gotten to know!!


γ‚―γƒΌγƒžγƒž said...

The growth of the dog is really early!
There is it delightfully, and there is it lonelily.
Qoo became 3 years old in no time.
I want you to get old more slowly.
Because the life of the dog is short, I want you to live happily by just that much!

Casper Bear said...

Eva, you are so beautiful! Gorgeous photos
Lotsa Licks
Casper Bear

Ludo van Doggy said...

Still there, just floofier! BOL!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Can you get a furminator there??? Or one of the similar (less $$$$) models? They work amazing on those thick coats!

Eva is such a beauty!!

George the Lad said...

Oh the puppy girl will be there for many more years to come ;) you have grow into a beautiful young lady
Have a good week
See Yea George xxx

Nat said...

You'll always be a puppy girl, Eva, no matter what your age!

Sagira said...

Beautiful as always. They grow so fast. :)

Amber-Mae said...

See! Didn't I tell you that her coat will get thicker? It will get slightly longer too. She will begin to have soft, white wispy hairs all over the place & those will get matted real easily if left wet, damp & not combed. Those can be stripped out using your fingers or a furminator. Hoomie Melissa always makes sure she strip those hairs off me when I go for show or I'll look like a mess!

the booker man said...

miss eva will always have a little puppy inside no matter what! :)
she really has the most luxurious 'n shiny furs! those furminator thingies that miss amber-mae was woofin' about are really super grrreat. my mama just got me one, and it was so easy to use! she got soooo much furs off of me...imagine what would come off of miss eva!!

the booker man

ra husky said...

woooo! how beautiful, thanks for sharing the pics!!

RA & Isis

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