Wednesday, December 23, 2009

1st post

With the full support of my dog lover daughter, there I'm with my first post here. My small family started with a 3 months old rottie, our beloved Laura 9 years ago and 7 years later, Mika who was 7 months old then from SPCA joined us. The family was getting bigger and stronger and more barking happened in my neighbourhood. Somehow, an email from a friend of my daughter 2 months ago brought us Hana, a gorgeous sheltie and as a god's gift, she gave birth to our little sweetie Eva 3 weeks later. Well, Eva is 27th days old today and I would like to share our family joy with all of you here. Our family, a 3 human beings and 4 doggies, is definitely growing HUGE and PROSPEROUS now!!!

27 days sounds nothing to most of us. I mean 27 days, so what? It's not even a month yet !!!

BUT but but, 27 days means our little eva from a little tiny sleepyhead with pink snout, closed eyes and ears turns to be a hyperactive, start to fully wag her tail and mind you, she can RUN!!! Our princess eva's faithful private photographer has been capturing her growing stages since day 1 and those beautiful pictures tell you truthfully that 27 days make a huge difference of eva. It's a bundle of joy to see such a little creature grows so well and healthily.

Eva is a Miss Naughty at the moment but she's also a miss cutie. So how could we scold her when she's naughty? As Ros says,' Little Eva has the face that you will forgive her even when she's naughty.' Ros is completely right.

Let's come to Hana, Eva's mummy. She's a really good mummy, so gentle and caring. That's why we all love Hana so much. She's always gentle and obedient and make no nonsense at home. She always does her private business in the garden, and it's a great pleasure to walk her as she is always by your side, no sniffing but walk proudly, her walk is always in a good pace and yes, she walks elegantly!

There is a myth here. Hana mysteriously escaped the examination from an experienced vet and nobody would believe the next thing I'm going to tell you is she even fooled a highly sophisticated ultra sound scan machine and came to us as a non-pregnancy doggy.

No one knew she was pregnant and we were all in the darkness until one evening, hubby and I came home after a 2 1/2 hour grocery shopping and found a little whining living creature next to Hana in the centre of the garden. My first thought was 'oh no! Hana caught a rat!'. Hubby said it was a puppy instead. The second thought was ' where did this little puppy come from?'

Eva was born on Friday 27th November 09. It was Hari Haji too. A good day, a good sign. The only puppy too.

The first time mummy knew exactly what to do with the delivery and she really took a great care of her puppy. We're so proud of you, Hana!

Laura, our beloved rottie who made us bring her home by her gentle eyes 9 years ago is loved by eveyone. She is the oldest at home, a little stubborn but always sweet and kind. A bit old these days as she's going to celebrate her 10 years old birthday three months later. She walks a bit slowly as she has old people's joint problems but she loves walking in the neighbourhood. She knows every street and junctions so well that she actually tells you where she wants to go. We usually entertain her as it's a good exercise for her and as long as she's willing to walk, we walk with her. Oh yes, forget to mention that she is Grandma Laura now.

Last but not least, it's our naughty Mika's turn now. A mixed breed from SPCA who is quite handsome and has a very beautiful coat of hair that Ros thinks he's a goldie mixed. Except playing sneaking out games with me when the gate is open and marking his territory all over the world; he's actually quite good and well-behaved. He is under a home training programme which he has to learn to walk with us obediently, listens to the commands of sit, down and stay, and stop doing his markings. BTY, he's Uncle Mika to Eva too.

There they're, 4 of them with the Phangs!!!


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