Thursday, December 31, 2009

In the Garden

Little Eva loves the garden so much that she knows every corner of it now. She not only explores the garden but starts to attack the plants these days. I think it's a new found joy for her that there are so many plants for her to CHEW!!!

She loves pulling grass, leaves and plants whenever she has a chance to get any of them.


It's amazing her teeth grow so fast that I even lost track when some of her new teeth grew. It's like magic that her new teeth just pop up suddenly like she herself popped up suddenly in our garden. Is it the time she starts teething?!? But she's just 34 day-old! I was also told that she grows a bit faster than the average sheltie pups most probably because she's the only kid and so she gets all the food and attention that she needs. By the way, she has a MATURE look too!!!  What do you think???


Sara said...

Eva is so sweet! Mature? I think REGAL!

My shelties love to much on stuff in the garden too. So much so that I created a "dog garden" just for them. They have their own private area behind a fence where they can nibble without getting yelled at for destroying my plants! LOL.

Emma Rose said...

She is adorable!

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