Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Laura, Hana and Eva

Rottie is always our favourite even though we've heard enough stories of how mean, ferocious and killing machine a rottweiler can be; Laura is always gentle, kind and loyal to us. We don't know whether it's just because we're lucky that we have found such a gentle rottie that everyone can pat and play with her or it's actually her good  nature. Laura joined our family when my daughter was only 5 years old and she was always gentle to little Ros that she could even ride on her.

When Eva was born in the garden, there were only Laura, Mika and of course Hana, the mummy at home as we're out. When we're home, we sensed something was wrong immediately because both Laura and Mika behaved very strangely that they were standing and watching Hana at a short distance but they didn't do anything to her. I couldn't imagine what and how they reacted to Hana's delivery but I think they definitely didn't disturb the mummy and the puppy at all. I think Laura is really gentle and may be protective too. She's a very good example to prove many people are wrong and bias against her breed.


Emma Rose said...

Laura is such a good girl, she would never hurt the puppy. Rotties can be the most loving and gentle dogs in the world!
We love your pictures!

Emma Rose and the Duchess

Sara said...

Hi, I saw you became a follower of my blog, and decided to pop over. What a treat!

The photos of your precious Eva are wonderful! Your daughter must be in love with her.

Charity, Gary, Katie and Louie said...

We are so glad we stumbled across your cool blog. Can't wait to read more about you all. Love and licks, Katie and Louie the Newfies

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