Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back home!

We came back home to see little Eva looking more grown up and Mika was so happy to see his beloved Rosie too. 

We're still quite jet-lagged but hopefully will be better tomorrow! Our sundays will be jam-packed with tons of activities for Eva - this sunday is our last OB class, next sunday we are going to the beach, and the sunday after that will be Dogathon!!

I bought Eva quite a few toys from England but she seems to prefer lightweight stuff like a rubber frisbee instead of balls, bones, and kongs. 

You know you want it! Come and get it!

You can't catch me!

Her favourite frisbee.
She should just advertise for Aerobie Doggie Discs :)

She has grown into such a nice young lady now! 


hero said...

Glad to have you and Rosie back... I'm sure Eva and Mika were thrilled to see you gals. Eva is looking like her mom as the days go by... hey, we may be going to Dogathon too.

Licks, hero

Sara said...

I'm glad you both made it home safely.

Eva is becoming a real beauty. She has a lot of expression in her eyes. And what a neat frisbee. I've never seen that one. Looks squishy, I bet Oreo might like one like that.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad you two are back home safe and sound! Eva has really matured a lot in the past few weeks! She should do advertisements for that frisbee - she would sell a lot!

Remington said...

Welcome back! We have missed you! Beautiful pics!

Caren Gittleman said...

YAY!! So happy to see you back!

I am also happy that you had a great trip!

As always the photos of Eva are gorgeous! I could stare at that face for hours, love her expression with the frisbee, Shelties get such a lovely expression in their eyes don't they?

Vonnie said...

Eva will be so happy to have you back home! Hope you had a nice time. Yes, they leave our hearts aching, no matter how much time passes will still miss them so much. Eva is really growing up into a beautiful girl! Love the pics!

Sagira said...

Welcome back! Glad she got some new toys. :)

RYKER said...

There's no place like home! Sounds like you have a busy schedule...have fun!

Lola said...

You must all be so happy to be back together. It looks as if you have some great times ahead, too. Enjoy!

wags, Lola

The Thundering Herd said...

Welcome home!

katie said...

absolutely beautiful pictures of laura, I'm sure you miss her terribly!

But oh how pretty princess eva looks! She really is growing up! Glad you and Rosie are home safe, hope you have hours of 4legged fun together!

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Eva is such a beautiful young lady. We love the pics with the frisbee. :-)


Constance said...

Hello! This is Constance at Aerobie, Inc. We are the makers of the Dogobie Disc and we would love to feature a picture of Eva on our website along with our other canine fans! You can see the other photos at http://wp.krikk.com/aerobie-clubhouse/aerobie-dogs/dog-photos.htm. Please feel free to email me at constance@aerobie.com if you would like us to post a photo! She is a beautiful dog :)

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