Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tricky T-Day

 Guess what!
Eva is 8 months old today!!!

Here's to our first tricky t-day video with both Mika and Eva!
Today we used Sue Ailsby's training practice as a guide and decided to teach them 'touch' or 'target'.


The dog must deliberately Touch the handler’s hand with her nose on only one voice cue. The hand in position is, naturally, a second, allowable cue.

We're getting there! Hope you enjoy it!

Guess where we're going today? Or should I give you a little hint?
Yes! We're visiting sheltieland!!


the booker man said...

ooo! i just learned that touch trick, too!! it's one of my favorites...mama says i get really super enthusiastic like with my nose touches. teehee!
anywho, happy 8th monthiversary, miss eva!! have funsies at sheltieland today. :)
the booker man

pee s -- be on the look out for my paw it forward instructional tomorrow!

katie said...

yay mika and eva! And yay to priscilla and rosie for being such good 2legged friends! It is awesome how much all of you guys are learning and doing!

houndstooth said...

Way to go on those tricks!

Have fun at Sheltieland!


Tanuki Maxx said...

Hi Eva! Happy 8 month aversary!
Enjoy your day at Sheltieland!!


Lola said...

Nice work, you two! Sheltieland looks like a pawsome place!

wags, Lola

Sara said...

That video reminds me so much of Oreo & Misty! Eva is so eager to learn!

I use "touch" ALL the time. Especially when Oreo is acting crazy. When he is getting out of control, we've practiced "Touch" so many times, he will usually stop what he's doing and come to my hand. So, this is a wonderful thing to teach them.

Misty loved "touch", because it is easy for her and I think she secretly likes to bonk her nose on my hand.

Have fun with all the shelties. Thanks for the fun video! It was great seeing the two dogs learning and having fun!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Excellent tricky t-day! Mika and Eva work well together! Hope you have a wonderful day in sheltie land!

Caren Gittleman said...

this is wonderful!

Happy 8th Month Birthday Eva!!!!

I love Eva and Mika together!

Priscilla you have such a lovely voice, no wonder Eva and Mika listen to you so well.

You make me feel so guilty! I need you come and train my Sheltie

What is SheltieWorld?

Lian said...

Great to see you use clicker at last! WooHoo for the positive training! Well done Eva and Mika and their mummy Priscilla!

Remington said...

8 months already! Time goes so quickly!

DSS said...

Well I surely am impressed! It's a shame I didn't try to teach Louis anything like that. He would never think about doing something to EARN a treat :(

George the Lad said...

Well done, looks like your training mom well.
See Yea George

Sagira said...

There is such a place called Sheltieland? OMD!

Neat trick, I know that one to as "touch" :)

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