Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's been awhile

I've finally managed to get internet for a little update here.

First of all, thank you everybody for your beautiful condolences to Laura. You really made us all cry.
I think she's happy and resting in the rainbow bridge now.

My trip in England has been fun. I met up with Lian twice and got to see her shelties, including the newcomer Ms. Sipzie!!! It was a very exciting experience and I learnt a lot of neat tricks from Lian too :) We'll be back on Tuesday, so in no time Eva will be learning new stuff for tricky t-days!! 

This is Sipzie. Isn't she a beauty?

The Knights Shelties 
from left to right 
(Seagull, Sizzle, Sing, Sipzie, Saturn)

While walking in the common, guess who I met?
Rem ... is that you?? The first newfie I met :)


Back home in Malaysia, my husband has been faithfully doing all the "dogwork" I do with Eva like the daily grooming and obedience training :) 
Her fur has grown even more, and her face has changed again. Every day she starts looking more and more like her mommy.

She has also decided to claim her position as Lady of the house.


Sara said...

It is good to hear from you again! How nice that you and Lian got to meet and spend some time together. Lian was one of my first blogging friends. I just love Saturn and Sizzle.

I'm so sorry that Laura won't be there for Rosie's homecoming. I'm sure Eva will be thrilled to see you both, and I hope her joy will wipe away any tears.

Caren Gittleman said...

YAY!!! So wonderful to get an update from you!

My eyes were tearing when I saw the lovely photo of Laura by The Rainbow Bridge....what a stunning memorial....what a good Grandma she was!

I was just enthralled with the photos of the Shelties you met on your trip! (I am partial to Saturn!)

Of course NONE can compare with the Beauty "Eva"....I just love that sweet Sheltie baby, my husband enjoys viewing photos of her as well. Your husband seems to be doing a great job with her because she looks none the worse for wear!

Soon you will be tackled by her when you return and given the best present in the world! Zillions of sweet Sheltie kisses!!

Lola said...

I just read back a bit about Laura. She sounds like one of those epic great dogs that you never, ever forget. It also seems that she had a very good life with you.

I bet, as good a time as you've had, you must be very eager to get back home to your own family - furry and otherwise.

wags, Lola

houndstooth said...

Eva sure looks like the queen of the castle there in that swing! She's certainly getting cuter every day!

Bandit's Pack said...

We've missed you - good to hear from you again! That picture of Laura and the rainbow bridge is beautiful. And your little Princess certainly has become quite the stunning Lady!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

How great to read a post from you! Glad you and Lian have met twice and that you learned a lot from her and got to meet her dogs! Mom is super fond of Sizzle!

Eva is really growing up fast! She is beautiful - I especially love the photo of her on the swing!

Vonnie said...

Good to hear you've had a nice time in England! Great that you met up with Lian and all her Shelties (Sizzle is Ellie's brother) They are all gorgeous and clever Shelties. Luck you getting to meet Sipzie, I'm looking forward to meeting her soon. Eva is getting so like her mum. What a grogepus picture of Laura, run free to the bridge. You'll be looking forward to returning home to the lady of the house :)

Kerry said...

Thank you for visiting Kirby and me on our blog! Your shelties sure are sweet looking! Kirby gets called a sheltie all the time, what a compliment! :)

RYKER said...

Good to hear from you again. Eva looks great. Dad must be taking excellent care of her. Bet your anxious to see her again soon!
Safe fight home!

Sagira said...

She is such a beautiful pup. Your friends are very cute as well.

the booker man said...

hihi! it's grrreat to hear from ya'll! i'm glad you are having funsies in england with lotsa doggie friendz. miss eva looks like she has taken charge of her castle while you've been away. :)
the booker man

MadameMoiselle said...

It's so good to finally hear from you again!! Surely been awhile..

Pictures of the other shelties are just marvelous.. They look absolutely gorgeous and your photography is amazing..

We wish you a safe trip back to KL on Tuesday.

Zelle and Serene

Diana said...

Beautiful pictures! So exciting that you got to meet up with Lian.

Lian said...

Thanks for the lovely photos Priscilla. Sipzie looked so gorgeous! She probably hasn't work out how to look the same way as the boys yet! LOL.

Eva is growing fast! Gosh! I can't wait to meet her! Can she smells you meet other shelties in the UK?

That beautiful pictures of Luara and Hana on the Rainbow Bridge made me cry. I know it will not be the same without them, hopefully little Eva will ease your pain in no time.

AC said...

Good to hear from you again. I'm glad you got to meet with your blogger friend and her Shelties during your visit. I love to hear stories about peoples worlds crossing like that.

I love your picture of Laura. I'm sure she's watching out for you at her post by the bridge.

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