Friday, August 27, 2010

9 months old today!


Mika's blood cell count is good which means that he'll be having his FHO surgery tomorrow afternoon. 
Please keep your paws (and fingers) crossed for him!


Caren Gittleman said...



Sending lots of love, prayers and well-wishes to Mika, we are crossing EVERYTHING that we have to cross and hope that all goes well!

Marie said...

Love the last picture, it's gorgeous!

I'm sure the surgery will go just great, and I'll be thinking of you all tomorrow.

Sara said...

Happy 9 months to beautiful Eva! Love the wind blowing in her fur.

I'll be thinking of Mika tomorrow, and hope the surgery goes well, and that his recovery goes smoothly.

Little Miss Jada Kiss said...

Happy 9 months Eva!!! You sure are growing into a beautiful little lady :) We'll be thinking about Mika tomorrow and keeping our paws (and fingers!) crossed for his speedy recovery!

Corbin said...

Happy 9 months Beautiful Eva!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Happy 9 Months Eva!! You are growing up and changing from a cute puppy to a beautiful girl!

We'll be thinking of you and Mika tomorrow and hoping for a very successful surgery!

Aksharaa said...

Happy '9 months day' Eva. u look just gorgeous. So glad Mika's blood count is fine.Best of luck for the surgery. Do pass on our hugs. we will be praying for him..
buddy n Ginger

the booker man said...

happy 9 monthiversary, miss eva! you just keep getting more and more beautimous!! :)
me and asa and mama are so glad that mika finally peed and that his blood work came back a-okay. we will be prayin' for his surgery tomorrow!
the booker man

Kathy said...

WOW, Eva is soooo gorgeous, and NINE MONTHS old Isnt it weird how time flies. After the FHO when Mika can start things let me know and I will let you know what exercises were really helpful to us. Good luck to Mika-I will really be thinking of him and sending some healing thoughts!

Kari said...

i wanted to stop over and say hello! my sheltie sophie will be 4 in september, they grow up so fast :)

Dawn said...

Beautiful 9 month old! She does look so much like her mama. Fingers crossed for Mika tomorrow!!

Ben and Carrie Tracks said...

Oh my goodness -- so glamorous! Happy 3/4 of a year old day to you - and you really have a wonderful talent for taking photos - Always enjoy keeping up with your adventures :)

Noah said...

Happy Birthday Eva......You are a natural in front of the camera! Best wishes for Mika.

Vonnie said...

Gorgeous girl!

Noah said...

Noah has awarded you at his blog!

houndstooth said...

Eva, you look like a grown up big girl!


RYKER said...

We will be rooting for you Mika!
And Eva, Happy 9 months - knock out pictures!

BlogDog said...

Great to see Eva is looking more and more beautiful. We can see from his fur that she's almost adult now! Her fur is so well-groomed and nice! I bet she'll be a really pretty girl when she grows up!! :D


Miley said...

Happy 9th month-day!
You are so cute Eva.

Tanuki Maxx said...

Hi Eva!
Happy 9th months!!
It seems each time i visit, you get a month time flies!
But you always look fantabulous!!!
Have a great day!!!


Bella the Westie said...

Happy nine months! :)
Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos.
Best wishes for Mika.

Love, Bella & Ollie.

Diana said...

Eva is just beautiful! Keeping our fingers and paws crossed for Mika. Diana

MadameMoiselle said...

You are surely growing by the days my cute little one..
So how old are you in Human years.. We are so proud to watch you grow and come this far..

And we will be thinking of Mika .. I hope his surgery goes well..


Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Happy 9 months to you. Happy BLOG HOP Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Sagira said...

Happy 9 months to you, Happy 9 months to you...Happy 9 months to youuuuuu

The Thundering Herd said...

Happy 9 month birthday, beautiful!

Bandit's Pack said...

Happy nine months old, little beauty! It's been so much fun watching you grow!

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