Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eva is three months old today!

Our miss noughtie is three months old today and she just gets cleverer and cleverer each day.
Since we came back from the UK, she's amazed us with her constant antics makings us laugh.
Well, what makes her so funny?
She's so clever she's almost human and she can even communicate with us (in her doggy actions)!
If she wants to play, she'll bark to get your attention and pick up her toys (indicating it's play time).
If she wants to go potty, she'll bark until you take her out.
And she LOVES LOVES LOVES belly rubs and playing flips and cuddles.
When she's out and knows that we want to take her back in, she'll run under the car and then a game of chase begins.
If she sees us going right to catch her, she'll go to the opposite direction, left, and vice versa.
Essentially it's a game in which nobody succeeds and human and dog are going round and round in circles.
Yesterday, I left the playpen out in the garden, put her in it, and did some work in the kitchen. Suddenly I heard a bloodcurdling yowl!
I ran out immediatley but Laura was even faster than me (I don't know how an old lady like her could run so fast); she went to Eva and nosed her and licked her (how adorable!!!). So what happened to Eva?
She obviously didn't like the confinement and wanted her freedom so she decided to try and stick her head in the gap connecting the two fences together. Well, her ear brace got stuck to it real bad and of course it hurt her a lot. I had to pull the brace out of her ears and I think she was in a lot of pain. Laura and Mika were so sweet to come and see what went wrong. Laura does have a maternal side to her even though she never got the chance to be a mother. After the incident, I couldn't help but cuddled Eva for about 5 minutes - the poor girl. I hope she had learnt a lesson that day too. 
Eva's also getting naughtier and naughtier. My sister is a night-owl and when Eva was with her for those two weeks, they had lots of late night games. However, she brought this habit home and requested to extend her playtime after her supper for the past few nights. I tried to ignore her after the supper last night but she turned her playpen upside down within 10 minutes. At last, I gave in by playing with her and I was so exhausted as it was so late at night. Finally, I threw in a plastic bottle as a new toy for her and it worked. Phew!!!

But, what am I going to do tonight?



Piappies World said...

Happy 3rd Month Barkday, Princess Eva,

You are growing up to be such an amazing pup! Your mom is surely proud of you. Good job, lil one. Do take care of yourself, alright?

Enjoy your weekend!

-Frappie, Mocha, Sugar & the Piappies

Sara said...

Oh boy, Eva has LOTS of energy! She is keeping you on your toes. Oreo loves the "you can't catch me game too"! It is his favorite, especially around circular tables. LOL.

How sweet that the other dogs came over to "help" when she got caught in the fence.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Eva is already 3 months? Wow - she is growing up too fast! I also love the chase game and no one can ever catch me!

Glad to hear that Laura and Mika ran to Eva's side when she got caught!

hero said...

Before you know it, Eva will be big enough for her first outing at the park since she is full of energy. She's at the age of the energizer bunny... BOL.

Licks, hero

Sallie said...

So cute!

Happy Birthday!

AC said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog! Your little Eva is adorable and sounds like a bundle of energy. I've nearly forgotten how both fun and exhausting puppyhood can be!

Kona just recently turned two. It's been a great learning experience with her and we continue to have work to too. That's what makes it fun and challenging, right? The training and bonding never ends.

Bandit's Pack said...

Happy three months little sweetie!!♥♥♥

Bijou said...

Eva, you are growing like a weed! It sounds like you are keeping your hooman on her toes. BOL


Remington said...

3 months are getting to be a big girl, Eva....and so beautiful!

Audrey the Photographer Dog said...

Yay for 3 months! You are quite a beauty Eva!

Diana said...

She is very cute. Im glad she was ok with the ear thing. Poor girl. Diana

Josie said...

Priscilla, So sorry we haven't posted here in a while, but I just had to tell you how cute you post about Eva was. I stayed with John and Gert in the Hospice last night. I only came home to take a shower and change clothes and am heading right back. I did post a tribute picture of Hana on my blog, so thank you for letting me have a photo of her. ;-) I will be back reading, commenting and posting soon, I promise. Kiss little Eva for me. Much Love, Woof!

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