Friday, February 5, 2010

Eva loves Mummy Hana

Having a new born puppy at home is a real good experience to me and my family and having the mummy with the puppy is a bless to all of us too.

We didn't know what a mummy can do to her puppy until we had Hana and Eva. It's amazing to know that Puppy Eva has learned so much from her mummy Hana too since she was born until now. Within the two months time, we have witnessed her growing up and love sharing every moment of the miracle of life we have with her.

They both LOVE food and after finishing their food, they would keep licking their bowl until it is sparkling clean.

And then they would look at you and ask for more.

How they play

How they walk

Maybe little Eva is being her mother's mini clone!!

But Hana is a strict mother. And it amazes us how even as a first time mother, it is in her instinct to protect her pup and she knows how to teach her and take care of her.
The princess being punished

Teaching her self-defense

And how to be a real princess

But sometimes a princess has to be a bit naughty.

And she's allowed to do un-princesslike things like this :


Sara said...

Those photos remind me of Misty and Oreo. Misty isn't Oreo "real" mom, but she really took the role seriously. I still tell her, "Babysit Oreo for me Misty." Animals are amazing. They just seem to know what to do.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

It looks like Hana is a great mom! Instinct is an amazing thing! Eva is so photogenic! I love how she is always smiling for the camera!

Josie said...

AWW, these photos are just amazing. My husband and I were thinking about getting a second rescue, a puppy, to have Josie help raise it. She just turned three. And when I look at these pictures, my heart just thumps. But I know it's just not the right time yet. But these photos are just "priceless". I love how your photos show the natural discipline and love a mother gives her puppy. Eva and Hana are just beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful photos. Much LOVE. Woof Soon!

Remington said...

Hi I am Remington. I hope we can be friends. I like your blog. GREAT PICS!

Lian said...

What a lovely photos! All puppies learned from their mother and it is always amazed how a first time mum will protect and teach their babies.

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