Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Home sweet home!

We came home this morning and happy to see Laura and Mika welcoming us at the gate. It's a relief to hear Laura's non-stop complaints and to see Mika's frantically tail-wagging, I knew they're really happy to see us home. Both of them made so much noise and of course there were lots of pats and hugs and I was so glad to see they were alright at home. However, it was really sad that Hana wasn't there wagging her tail and trying to push Mika away in order to get our attention as usual anymore. 

I'd been trying my best to keep myself calm on the journey home and I thought I was okay when I saw Laura and Mika but I completely collapsed when I saw the urn with Hana's ashes in the house. It's really really hard to keep calm and cool anymore. I just miss her, miss her so much that I can't even tell how much I miss her. 

3 months and 5 days - that's the time we had Hana with us. It's so short, isn't it? But we just love her so much that it's like she'd been with us for so many so many years. Yes, I know that Eva is the most precious thing that Hana left for us but I really hope Hana were still here with us so that I could see both of them playing and running in the garden tomorrow morning. Well, I know it's time for me to let Hana go now as I'm home at last and I've to make sure the other three are healthy and happy from now on.

It was a very happy moment when our not-so-little-anymore Eva recognised us once we were at my sister's place in the afternoon. She has grown so much and her look has changed too; she is so much bigger. We can see a very happy puppy there try to play with the two ShiTzus but the two poor old souls always try their best to avoid playing with her but our stubborn Eva never gives up - she even jumped OVER them!

When Eva was home, Laura and Mika immediately went to her. There were so much sniffing but no playing as Laura never plays with her and Mika just plays with her while Hana was around. However, I'm sure they were happy to see each other again after the two weeks' break.  I wondered whether little Eva did look for her mummy as she paused for awhile when she was in the garden. Her look was a bit serious and her eyes were searching; it just looked like she was trying to  recall something, may be she remembered this is the garden that she used to play in it or she just felt something was missing. Who knows! Anyway, I was happy to see her running around in the garden again and it means a lot to all of us.


Sara said...

Oh, what a bittersweet homecoming for you. Hopefully, time will ease your pain of the loss of Hana, who left this world too soon. We mourn with you, for what could have been.

Thinking of you, and still sending hugs.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Most of all we are glad to hear that you arrived home safely and soundly! I'm sure Eva did change a lot in two weeks - puppies grow so quickly and change every day. I bet Eva, Mika and Laura were so happy to see you!

We think of Hana every day and our heart goes out to you.....

Remington said...

Glad you are home safe and sound. Eva will be so happy now that you are there.

DSS said...

I've only had my little pup for 3 months, and I dare say I can't remember a time without him. It doesn't matter how many months a dog is a part of your life, I don't think. It may as well be forever :) I know you will miss Hana for a long time.

Emma Rose said...

Welcome home. You are in our thoughts as you make this difficult transition.

Anonymous said...

Animals can be so kind, the best friends ever.

hero said...

For Hana, that could be the happiest 3 months of her life... and knowing that little Eva is in good hands, makes her crossing peaceful... and she's happy looking down upon us all.

Licks, hero

Vonnie said...

So sorry to hear about Hana so :( to young. Loved the pictures of her! The one where the three of them lying sleeping at the step priceless!

Andrea said...

Thanks for your visit to All Gods Creatures. I have joined to follow your blog and look forward to getting to know you.
Glad you got home safely.
andrea (sitka's mom)

Mud Monster said...

We agree those mere 3 months were the best 3 months sweet Hana ever had. We are sure she knew that and she went to bridge with all those who went before her to wait for you. We told our siber-sister Nanook to keep her company till you meet again. ;-)

Time heals all wounds and will help. Im sure Eva does miss her momma too. But she thankfully has you to love and watch over her.

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