Friday, February 26, 2010

A puppy's life with the 'oldies'

In my sister's house, Eva had the two 8-10 year old shihtzus to bully and chase and bite and even jump OVER.

In our house, she has her 10year old Grandmama and 3 year old Uncle who don't really like playing with an annoying little brat like her :)

However, Laura agreed to pose for some pictures with Eva and so here they are.

I hope these two adults will teach her some stuff, although her mum's taught her practically everything she needs to know to be a lady, but it depends on whether she wants to follow the 'rules' or not. She knows what is right and what is wrong, but sometimes she forgets and tries to 'bully' us. Unfortunately, she knows she can't bully us like the way she bullies my sister (she was a real miss naughty).

So here are some pictures of Laura and Eva for you:

First, the most beautiful grandma rottie ever
A little kiss


hero said...

Eva is growing up so fast... I'm sure grandma Laura and uncle Mika will ensure she'll grow up to become the lady she is.

Licks, hero

Sara said...

Eva absorbs everything like a sponge right now! She's learning all the time. Learning to be calm & serene at time, like Laura, isn't such a bad thing!

Hey, can Oreo come over to your house, and learn too?

Diana said...

Very cute. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Teeny-tiny Eva with her big Rottie grandma Laura - what a cute sight!

Remington said...

Eva just keep at it -- they love you!

Emma Rose said...

Oh I love Laura's smile! Great pictures :)

Emma Rose

Tanuki Maxx said...



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