Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Bath!?!

Greetings! Princess Eva here!
After my eye-opening experience with Mr. Chick-Chick-Chicken (whom my humans say luckily I didn't touch due to the fact that I've only had 2 vaccinations), my humans decided I needed A bath. Well, I guess I did stink just a bit, I mean, I've never had one, you know! I do get cleaned everyday with damp cloth or baby wipes, but never with water! So my first wet experience was indeed, unpleasant.
I was too terrified to bark. I didn't know what to do. My human said I was a good girl for not running away, although I did try to walk away.
I used Grandma Laura's 'floral' shampoo, which made me smell very nice :) After my bath (which seemed like ages!!), my mommy got a towel to dry me.
Overall, I rate this experience 2 out of 10. Really ... it was quite ... horrendous.
My humans said I looked more beautiful and less stinky after my bath! Do you think so?
Then I went to ask Grandma if I smelt nice and looked nice. Well, I think she was quite jealous because she didn't really say anything. But I gave her a kiss anyway.

My reward for behaving so well in the bathroom was having my stuffie Dalmation with me running in the garden again!!! 
I'm a bit tired now, how about you, Mr.?


hero said...

First bath is always an experience... but the rating scale will not improve even after hundreds of baths... not for me, at least.

Licks, hero

Diana said...

Aww, she cute. Diana

Sara said...

I don't know of any shelties that appreciate a bath! Although the sure do love to strut their stuff afterward!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sorry you had to be introduced to the indignities of a bath! I have heard mom whispering that a bath is in my near future too, so I keep an eye out for any movement that indicates water and shampoo and am ready to run and hide at the first sign! I have my hiding place all picked out - :)

Andrea said...

What a he smells wonderful now.

1000 Goldens said...

For my first bath I barked at the drain. It went progressively downhill from there! Now the humans "outsource" my baths because they can't take the stress :) You look beautiful as always Eva and we just adore you...

Piappies World said...

Hi there Eva!

Speaking of BATH! We just had one today and it seems like only Fudgie and Frappie enjoy it. It has been hot and sunny here in our world so the shower was not such a bad idea. We hope you enjoy your other bathies a bit more next time.

-Frappie, Mocha, Sugar & the Piappies

Bandit's Pack said...

I bet that felt good, especially now that it's over and you're all fluffy and sweet smelling!

Emma Rose said...

Goodness gracious, you look sooooo fluffy. I bet you feel better, even if you didn't like getting all wet. Why are baths so bad when swimming is so good? I'll never figure that one out :)

Emma Rose

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Gosh, I didn't know your daughter was studying to be a pianist! That's terrific!! She would've liked the concerts this weekend then with the young woman who just won the Silver medal in the Van Cliburn competition - Yeol Eum Son - she was fantastic!

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