Friday, March 26, 2010

Sending lots of love

In today's post, we would like to send lots of love and wishes to our furry friends who need it.

Dear Oreo, we hope that leg of yours gets better so you can do what you love doing most. 

Dear Sing, we hope you stop limping so that you can go back to agility with your mommy.

Dear Kona, we hope that nasty mystery mouth illness of yours goes away.

We send our love to Gertrude and hope she finds comfort in Josie and Marybeth.

We also send lots of love to MaxDog who is fighting hard for his life. 

You are all blessed with a loving family and loving friends. May you all get better soon! 

And now for some laughs!

Whenever Eva sees the camera near her face, she doesn't shrink from it. In fact, she finds it hilarious to pull funny faces at us!

If I can't see you, does that mean you can't see me??

Wishing you a weekend full of joy and happiness!



Sara said...

Thanks for the lovin'! I'm hoping all the dogs are feeling better soon.

What sweet photos of Eva & Laura.

Eva is such a cutie. Oreo grew up with a camera in his face too, and knows that the faint sound of the auto focus means he is on stage!

hero said...

Eva really loves the camera... such a diva in the making... some lovin' is on the way too, huh!

Licks, hero

Bandit's Pack said...

We're wishing and hoping that all your friends have brighter days ahead. ♥

Diana said...

What cute pictures!! Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Eva is such a darling and so good with the camera! I wish I had her smiling skills!

Bet you can't wait to see Rosie!

We send out our good wishes to all the pups who need them - may they all feel better soon!

Remington said...

Eva is a such a cutie! Love the pics!

AC said...

Thanks for sending the love. I know we can all use some! Eva just brightened my afternoon with all those silly face pictures!

Emma Rose said...

Those are some really great pictures. I am so glad you put that special picture in your header. It is my all time favorite photo!

Emma Rose

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