Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hana's Birthday!

Today was meant to be Hana's 3rd think that she wasn't even three when she left us is very heartbreaking. I never even got to see her coat fully grown.

I thought today I'd like to tell you a story about how and why she got here. Because in the three months that she had been with us, our lifestyle had changed ... dramatically ... in a good sense.

My daughter, Rosie, had been talking to a sheltie breeder for some time and they got to know each other pretty well. Anyway, we were going to meet up with her when Rosie came back for her holidays, but who knew that my husband and I would meet her before Rosie did! Well, she asked us if we would like to adopt a 2 yr old sheltie who was recently diagnosed with a enlarged heart condition for free, but of course with medical costs, etc. This means she has to take tablets for the rest of her life to prevent her heart from growing bigger and suffocating her.

This was the picture that made us say 'yes'. 

Hana had this beautiful regal look in her....she was really beautiful.

Actually she was going to be sold to another woman, but after hearing of her diagnoses, she didn't want her anymore (and I'm glad she didn't!).

Here are the first few days on Hana's arrival (emails that I sent to my daughter) 

Day 1
She's so calm and sweet. She drools too, : ) I walked with her for 3 minutes around the house introducing the garden and the compound to her. She didn't pull me at all!!! Just walked beside me, so SWEET!!!!!!!! So impressive!!!!!!

Laura was very excited in the beginning and with Daddy around, she calmed down very soon. Laura is such a good girl that you've to believe she's not an ordinary rottie.

Mika was like a jumping monkey. He was way too excited and he frightened Hana a bit in the beginning. He once showed his teeth but was scolded by everyone. I think he tried to tell Hana that he's the alpha at home.

Rules for taking care of Hana:
1. a bath for every two weeks
2. Heartworm tablet once a month - Interceptor
3. brush and comb daily
4. feed twice daily, morning and evening
5. no table scraps
6. except dried food, only yoghurt
7. no BARF
8. yearly vaccination 
9. 1/2 heart tablet every day in morning

Day 2
It was amazing! The most pleasant walk with a dog I've ever had in my life. She walked so elegantly, yes, 'elegantly' is the right word. She looked around sometimes, always kept an eye on me to see whether I was beside her, no sniffing, no pee and poop. It's so good!!! I tell you, I love her, really love her. You know me that I never like nonsense and she's so gooooooooooood! How could I not love her??? I just couldn't!!! 

I spent 1 1/2 hours on feeding, grooming and walking all 3 of them. What a day, I was so exhausted!

The newspaperman was so surprised to see such a beautiful dog this morning; he was so naughty and he said 'woof woof' to Hana because she was looking at/ watching his every movement. Mika was jumping up and down barking at him but the newspaper guy didn't even bother to give him a look. He just stared at Hana as if he had never seen such a beautiful dog in his life before. He kept on saying 'woof woof' to Hana, well, may be it's his way to introduce himself to Hana ; )

The dustbin truck came in the afternoon, as usual, all the dogs in the neighbourhood went crazy whenever it comes but Hana didn't bark at all. She was at the gate with Laura and Mika who were barking and running around. Hana just stood there and watched. I think it's her temperament or she's new here, she doesn't bark much but I feel that she's quite alert.

Hana likes the little corner next to the gate in the morning, it's shady but I told her to come inside as she's so beautiful and I'm worried someone might steal her from me, silly mummy, uh? LOL!!!

After the meal, I gave her the heart tablet. She took it gently from my palm, chewed it and finished it. Trouble free, fantastic!!!

She's no trouble!!! The problem is she has no problem now!!! hahaha.

Day 3
Hana is much more at home now. She came to me immediately this morning when she saw me, Mika too. Laura was lying there waiting for me to greet her first which I did.

Hana started barking too. Funny voice, don't know how to describe it at the moment. 

Oh, there is a little episode here. Hana was talking to Velvet and Snoopy (bty, these are our neighbour's dogs) this afternoon. They barked first and she barked back and Lizzie tried to crane her head out to see what's going. It was so funny and cute.

I guess Velvet and Snoopy asked Hana where she came from and ...etc etc and so she told them everything. Poor Lizzie, it's  a bit too far for her to do the catch up game and she can't see much. Laura was in the house and Mika was sitting at the gate. He was quiet. I think he was listening.

Day 4
Today, when I patted Laura and Mika early in the morning, someone scratched my leg!!! Hahaha, someone was trying to tell me that she was there too. I told her to be patient as I would come to her as soon as possible. Besides, she has to respect Laura and Mika as they are her seniors. She loves grooming too. She just sits and waits for the moment to lie with her 4 limbs up. She loves the belly massage, I guess. 

Hana doesn't really like cats and she would try to jump up to the wall in order to frighten them and chase them, of course, she could never get them but she would constantly bark at them.

A snapshot of what she used to do:
And when Hana became a mother ....  
everything came naturally like it was meant to be.

Even on the first day, 
Laura and Mika came to check the new pup out :)

Laura curiously watching

The beautiful mother
Happy girl

Now for a picture Rosie drew for Hana
(she apologises for her low artistic talents)

May you always be in our hearts and of those your dear furfriends.

Hana's ashes rest peacefully in our garden.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Thank you so much for sharing the story of how Hana came to live with you and of her first few days in her new home. What a sweet dog! It's great that you have those emails to read and to help you always remember that special time in your life and in Hana's life. She was taken from you way to early but it's amazing that she brought so much joy to you in such a short amount of time.

Remington said...

Happy Birthday Hana -- I know you are looking down on your mommy and saying don't worry I am okay now and I will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.
Beautiful memories of your dear little one. Thanks for sharing.

Bandit's Pack said...

What a lovely read ♥ Happy Birthday, Hana ♥

Tanuki Maxx said...

Beautiful tale! Hana sure is special as she touched your lives so much with her so little time with you. Thanks for sharing her story with us. I'm going to hug mommy now!!


Sara said...

Oh, sweet Hana. Happy Birthday.

Thanks for sharing her first few days with us. What joy you felt! Pure joy. Hana was a gift from Heaven. I wish she could have stayed with you longer.

hero said...

That's a beautiful tribute and I'm sure Hana knows everyone misses her on her barkday today... she was heaven sent but heaven took it back too soon.

Licks, hero

Piappies World said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Hana! Thanks for sharing us the wonderful life of Hana. She sure has a great daughter in Princess Eva. Hana watches over Eva and each one of you from over the rainbow bridge.

We hope that she has found Koko there too. Happy Barkday dear Hana!

-Fudgie, Princess & the Piappies

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Hana! We're so sorry you couldn't stay longer, but what a gift you were!

AC said...

I was sad to read your old posts about Hana's passing. But what a great tribute to a lovely dog. They can touch us in big ways, even if we only have them for a short time. Thanks for sharing her with us!

Sallie said...

You can tell how excited you were in those e-mails. Great memories! I love the photo of her climbing up the wall. :)

Happy Birthday Hana!

Caren Gittleman said...

I don't know how I never saw this before. It was beautiful, simply beautiful.

Hana was still a lucky dog to have you for a Mom and I know you were blessed to have her as well.

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