Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eva's Musings

Today, as I looked into my food bowl at my own reflection, I realised how great life is, and how sweet the people are to me. Everybody is my friend. I have no enemies - even Grandmama Laura, we all know she loves me to BITS, well, because she has never had children, so me being her only grandchild, well, I must be pretty special to her, even though she doesn't really show her affection :)

As I was playing with my stuffy the dalmation, I realised how hard it must be for my humans to have lost my momma...But I'm glad I knew her for longer than most pups would have known their moms. I never knew how hard it was to lose a friend ... until my stuffie fell into the drain. 
But I always manage to make my humans laugh, especially when I do something really silly like getting stuck in this hole!
Give them a big smile and they'll love you forever!
During the weekends, my humans took me to Genting Highlands, which is a place 1 hour's drive from us. It's high up in the mountains, and the air is much cooler there. My humans own a small apartment there and managed to sneak me in for a night! I was ecstatic! I just couldn't stop running around with my best friend stuffie, the dalmation. We played and played for hours on end! It was the first time my humans saw me this happy. I got to explore the whole apartment, but unfortunately, I wasn't allowed on the sofa.

At night, my daddy came and slept on the floor next to me (of course, me being in the playpen) and I felt safe and sound next to him at night. It was kinda cold there though ...

I've never curled myself in so much before. 

The next day, we went back home, and the first thing I did was run over to my Grandma and kiss her on the cheek. She misses me really!
Unfortunately for my Grandma and Uncle Mika, they've never gone to Genting. My humans are pretty sure that the apartment did not allow dogs, especially big ones you cannot hide under a blanket! I wasn't even allowed to BARK! 

I had to tell Grandma the whole story! She seemed pretty jealous though.

Even Uncle Mika wanted to hear my story!

But would you believe it! He YAWNED!

Oh well. It was worth a try, right?

I've also been talking to my sister Rosie a lot on Skype and I can't wait to see her soon! My human parents told me that when she's home, I would have had my last vaccination and she could take me out for walks in the park!! Yay! I can't wait!!!


hero said...

Hi Eva,

Isn't life great when there's so much love and adoration... good on ya! I have been up to Genting once but we did not stay overnight... bah! Sometimes the old folks think we yak too much, I guess.

Licks, hero

Sara said...

Oh Eva, what an adventure you got to go on! It was almost like you were a stowaway...being snuck in and all. Sounds like fun.

What a grand reunion it will be when Rosie comes home!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Eva - you have a wonderful life with wonderful people who love you so much! Lucky girl!!

Bet you can't wait to see Rosie in person again!

Bandit's Pack said...

That first picture with Eva's thoughts is just the sweetest. She's a very lucky and much loved little princess. ♥

1000 Goldens said...

I am so in love with Eva - my heart melts every time I visit. Soooo sweet <3

AC said...

That first picture is priceless. Eva looks like she's had a lot of good adventures lately. Eva, thanks for giving me my daily dose of puppy.

Lian said...

Lucky girl Eva, you got to go to Genting Highland! I hope you have a good walk around the park as well.

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