Friday, March 5, 2010

An Eventful Day

Since we came back from the trip, my husband and I've become our little Eva's playmates as we just pity that the little fella has no Mummy to be around to play with her anymore and the other two adults don't like to play with her at all.

Eva is growing up at a tremendously speed and her sleep has become shorter and shorter. She is always awake and energetic. So, can you imagine having a hyperactive puppy at home while you've loads of work to do at home at the same time? I'm sure many of you do. Her barks are getting louder and more demanding; she barks when she needs to go potty which I don't mind at all but she also barks for playtime and this is increasing daily. Besides, never ever underestimate, she's small but her voice is LOUD!

Take today as an example: I'd been playing with her basically from 12.30pm till 3.30pm on and off because she barked constantly. Sometimes it was because she needed to go potty, sometimes it was because she saw me in the kitchen, and sometimes it was just because I thought she was bored as she looked bored (Oops! my fault : )) However, I couldn't help not to go to her when she gave me that 'please-play-with-me-and-don't-leave-me-alone-here look' : (

You look bored,Uncle Mika. Let's play!

Wanna play, Grandmama?

When my husband was home in the evening, little Eva insisted on playing with him again by barking all the time at him and grabbing her toys to show him that it's the playtime. I think she takes that as a routine as my husband usually plays with her when he is back from work and it's the time I'm preparing dinner.

 Oops! I'm grounded!
After we had our dinner, our little princess played happily in the garden but she completely forgot that she had to do her private business. However, she barked 5 minutes later after my husband put her back to her playpen. He ignored her but I gave in so I took her out again; she immediately did her pee to prove that she's a good girl and then started playing again by annoying Mika and Laura and made herself so dirty because of the wet ground. I took her in the house 15 minutes later and thought I could put my feet up at last. Nope! I was wrong. There was a series of barking which lasted for about a minute until I couldn't bear with it so I let her out again. Guess what, she pooped this time.

Oh dear, I think she's discovered the new ways of getting herself out of her playpen now!!!

By the way, another episode happened before the dinner. Here it goes:
It was thundering so loudly and I was giving tuition to a boy at around 5pm. After a few minutes, I remembered about Eva. Quickly, I went to her and made sure she was ok in her playpen. She immediately got up when she heard me and she was shivering (the poor thing). What could I do? I couldn't possibly leave her there! So for the next 30minutes, Eva was with me in the study room with the air conditioning on, sitting on my lap, while I taught the little boy some comprehension. She behaved so well by just sitting quietly on my laps and I noticed she almost fell asleep at the end of the lesson, LOL. Today, Eva learnt about The Mad Hatter (from Alice in the Wonderland) and listened to the boy read two chapters of his story book 'Geronimo Stilton'. Not bad, huh?

Here is Eva sleeping finally after a long and tiring day.
Oh wait. Is she really sleeping?


hero said...

As much a nuisance Eva can be at times, do enjoy her current puppiness before she becomes an adult dog all too soon. I think she just wants to be close to you, Pris.

Licks, hero

Sara said...

Puppyhood maddness! How fun! How exhausting! Enjoy it while it lasts....

1000 Goldens said...

I remember how exhausting the puppy days were :) Eva is pretty much irresistible - sooo cute!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

LOL - I was a terrible puppy - I never slept - I just ran and ran and barked and jumped, etc! Mom had kind of forgotten about it though until you reminded her. Eva will settle down a little eventually - but until then, I agree, enjoy every minute of it!

Diana said...

Oh boy, I remember those puppy days. How exhusting. Your so happy when they finally sleep. Diana

Andrea said... crazy! That is what puppy days are made of!
andrea (sitka's mom)

Piappies World said...

Looks like Eva is really keeping you on your toes. Pup energy! She is more and more adorable as days pass and it's good to know that she is having a great time with you.

-Frappie, Mocha, Sugar & the Piappies

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