Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tag and games!

Our big buddy, Hero tagged Princess Eva to play a fun game of what's in the folder?
The rules of the game are:
1. Open your 1st Photo folder.
2. Scroll to the 10th photo.
3. Post the photo and the story behind it.
4. Tag 5 or more people.

Well, here goes. We are going to open our folder, called Eva that has pictures from EVERY DAY of Eva's puppy life.

This picture is the 10th photo of Eva's first day of birth.

The picture explains everything. 
Eva is having her milk-time, while Hana helps her. Laura supervises the feeding time :) 

We would like to tag RickySaraBanditFizz and Remington to participate in this awesome game!

And now, back to some more serious matters.

Remember this little buddy?

Ok. Now imagine this scenario.
A little puppy is playing happily in the garden, unaware of 2 sneaky eyes watching her every move.

The puppy runs around with her stuffie and then drops it in front of this dog.

What happened there??

This rottie just needed a few kisses and some persuading from her beloved grandchild to give him back. 


And now for some beautiful pictures of Laura we managed to get today.
She doesn't look 10, does she?

What a lady.


That tag game from Hero reminded me of the past pictures of Eva and WOW! What a huge difference! 
She's gone past the cute, chubby stage, and now she's more like a little girl.
Shelties come with so many different growing stages :D Fascinating.

Every day, her look changes. As much as I would love to show you a picture from each day here, I don't think I would be able to because today is day 120 (yes, we do count! haha).

But here are some very VISIBLE changes.

At 2 weeks, she was a cute soft toy.

At 4 weeks, a show dog in the making :), yet still with that blocky head.

At 6 weeks, she becomes more regal, but still with her cuteness.

At 8 weeks, she becomes more and more beautiful.

At 10 weeks, that little girl in her is emerging. She is beautiful, cute, proud.

At 14 weeks, you begin to ask, Who is this girl? Is this the same puppy? 

At 16 weeks (now), all I see is drop dead gorgeous. (Or maybe I'm just being the boastful mom)
 Her new fur is also growing now!!!


Sara said...

I love your new blog layout.

I'm out of town, so I'll have to post my photo in a few days. Your photo of Mama Hana was too sweet. Such a caring soul.

The sequence of photos showing Eva's growth was so sweet. It is amazing how fast they grow.

hero said...

Grandma Laura is sure looking good... and when one can persuade a grown matured rottie to impart with her stuffie... Eva has definitely grown up to be a sweet gal herself.

Licks, hero

Bandit's Pack said...

She certainly is a drop-dead gorgeous puppy! Your new layout is great, and that header picture is just the sweetest thing. ♥

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Thanks for tagging me - I think I have played that game before and might cheat and just look for my original post about it (I am a lazy game-player - sorry!).

I love your new header photo!

The photos of Eva growing up are amazing! Puppies do change so much. Mom thought the biggest change was when I grew my muzzle longer - it's hard to believe that happens and it transformed my face completely!

Remington said...

Great pics! Eva is so pretty!

Mini Aussie Ace! said...

Thank you for following us! We will be sure following you too! You have a beautiful blog and even more beautiful doggies! :) I love the pics of the growing up stages! I am sure to be documenting Ace as well! It's amazing how fast they grow! Everyday I feel like he looks different!
Hope we will be long time Furry Blogging Friends :)

Tanuki Maxx said...

Hello there!
Beautiful header!! Luv it!!

Eva's really cute!! That rottie seems so gentle with her.

Thanks for sharing your pics and have a great day!


katie said...

oohhh. . .those pictures of Laura just melt my heart! She doesn't look 10 at all! But Meeka never looks old to me until I start comparing her younger pictures. I don't mean to neglect your cutsie pup but truly the rotti's just melt my heart!:)

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