Monday, March 22, 2010

A puppy's life


Do you know what I did today? I played and played and played, I ran and ran and ran, and of course, I also gave my humans lots and lots and lots of kisses (on their face mostly). Well, I did do some training too, like how to walk on the leash, which I haven't mastered yet, and 'sit'. Every morning, I'll see my daddy rattling the leashes, Laura and Mika running around him excitedly, and I think to myself, what are they so excited about? Then I see them walk out of the gate, and oh, do I wish I could do the same!! Later, they'll come home, satisfied, I'll run up to them and sniff them asking them where they've been. My humans hope I won't be one of the dogs who don't like walking, and would be lying down in the middle of the road, refusing to walk. Well, honestly, what's the point of going out if you're not free to run wherever you want! 

Here I am learning how to sit...I must say, the only fun thing about it is the treats. 
I also practised how to 'fly', not really succeeding in it, unfortunately...

Did some free stacking

And best of all, I played with my friend, Happy Feet. He loves being flung about, honestly! I keep telling my humans he enjoys it, but they think I'm hurting him. 


Look he's fine really.
Well, that's because he doesn't know I'm stalking him!!!

*Ouch! That must hurt!*

I also gave Grandma Laura some extra kisses in the morning because she wasn't feeling too well. She didn't eat her food, and she didn't eat any chicken soup & rice yesterday evening and I think she might be quite hungry then. 

But Mommy said Grandma Laura seems alright now because she ate a package of treats later this morning, some chicken soup & rice for lunch and then some of her own kibble two hours later. Oh my dear, she ate a lot indeed and she had so many different types of foods!!! She's so lucky!!! I'm so so glad that she's found her appetite back and she drinks plenty of water which the humans say it's good for all of us to have lots of water.

And finally, some rest for the princess on the swing, pushed by my faithful humans.

Ever seen a pup who loves the swing more than I?


Fizz said...

Your life is just like mine! It's great being a puppy, isn't it? Going for a walk is actually really fun, it does get a bit annoying if you can run around though.

Fizz xxx

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Eva - your "sit" is looking real good but I have to tell you that you want to learn how to walk on a leash too! It is so much fun to go out and you will really enjoy it - it's all worth it to put up with the leash part!

You look so pretty and happy on your swing! I've never been on one.

Sara said...

What a life! A good life! Play, play, play....who needs a walk?

It took Oreo awhile to get accustomed to the leash too, but he got there and is a fine walker. Of course, he's rather be running and playing with his toys, but will tolerate a walk :)

Sallie said...

LOL! I love Happy Feet!

AC said...

Oh my. I think you just may be a good flier, if you keep practicing. But it may also be a good idea to figure out that leash thing. It may give you a plan B, should the whole flying thing not work out.

hero said...

Hi Eva,

The amount of fun you're having with Happy Feet and the swing... who needs a walk.

Licks, hero

Tanuki Maxx said...

Lucky you!! so much fun and that's a cute penguin!
Does it swim too?


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