Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chicken Run!!!!!

Today our back neighbour's cockerel flew out of its pen and into our garden! Not knowing, I had left Eva out to do her business in her playpen. Suddenly I saw Laura and Mika running to the garden, chasing a terrified chicken! Eva was so excited, she kept jumping on her playpen until it opened for her, and she too joined the chase. You could imagine me chasing after 3 dogs which were chasing a chicken. It was really a CHICKEN RUN! 

Laura would just be waiting and waiting for the chicken to come down ...

And then ... Laura caught the chicken's neck in her mouth. It was terrifying! I tried to get her off the chicken, and finally she did let go, although it was quite scary to be near an angry rottie. Fortunately for the chicken, it was alive, well, and without a single feather missing. Fortunately for me, there wasn't any blood or chicken remains I had to clean up, and no sorrys I would have to say to my neighbour. I'm glad my rottie is a gentle giant and she didn't harm the chicken, it just shows what great dogs they are. 
After that, I managed to chain the two adults up...which left little Eva, the chicken, and me. Of course, Eva was still chasing the chicken, and as she knew I was trying to get her, she would be avoiding me, still chasing the chicken, unaware that the chicken was bigger than her and could peck her eyes out. 
Finally, I got her too, and brought her back into the house. It would be my turn trying to get the chicken out of my garden, back to its home, which I managed to succeed in after a very long time. 

Eva saying bye-bye to her friend.
She went to comfort Laura

..and gave her a kiss.

And well, Mika, he told the chicken he didn't even want to see him again.

He also told us to expect huge puddles of pee marking the whole house the next morning. 


Ricky the Sheltie said...

How exciting - I've never even seen a chicken let alone had one in my backyard!

Andrea said...


hero said...

The cockerel definitely 'chicken out' seeing three charging dogs... that would be the last we see of the cockerel, I guess.

Licks, hero

Emma Rose said...

That happened to us too with our neighbors chickens. We didn't get to chase them but the Duchess and the neighbor lady did! It was very comical :)

Emma Rose

Remington said...

Chickens running....funny....great pics!

Sara said...

What an exciting day! I've always wanted to get a couple chickens, but I never asked my dogs how they would feel about it!

I'm glad everyone survived the incident without harm.

Bandit's Pack said...

What an exciting adventure!

Tanuki Maxx said...

Chicken run in the back yard? Wish i was there!!


Diana said...

LoL, chicken run. The dogs probably thought they had won the lottery. Diana

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