Thursday, March 25, 2010

Visiting the Vet

Eva had her last puppy jab this morning which means she can start exploring the outside world soon... Yay...

Hey, I'm visiting the vet, will be back soon!

Our Princess Eva was quite excited when she saw me taking the crate out. I guessed she knew it means a car ride awaiting for her. So, there was no problems of getting her into the crate and I think she was really eager to get in it too.

 What's up? At the clinic now?

We had a very smooth journey to the vet. Nobody was at the reception but we could hear people talking in the surgery room as the door slightly ajar. Eva was pretty excited and restless in the crate as she moved a lot in it. Suddenly she made the first move, a 'puppy woof' from her and before I warned that she'd better behave herself, a 'LOUD WOOF' as a reply from the surgery room. It was so hilarious to see our little Eva was shocked, jerked a bit and kept very still and quiet since then, she definitely didn't expect any barking like her Grandma Laura in the clinic because she only met little kitties during the past visits.

I was so glad that our little Eva behaved so well and made no fuss during the check-up. Even the vet praised her and gave her lots of treats. Of course our little Eva was very happy to have those yummy treats as a reward. However, she didn't even know that while she was enjoying her treats, the vet gave her the jab. No yelping, screaming and wrestling at the clinic if you all know that she can be a drama queen sometimes. Everything was pleasant and smooth.

When we reached home, little Eva still looked really alright and she played with Laura and Mika for awhile.
 I got some yummy treats from the vet!

However, things changed 2 hours later. The hyperactive puppy transformed into a very very quiet puppy who showed no interest in meal. Instead of wagging her tail when she saw her lunch, she just sat there staring at the food and wondering whether she should eat it or not. Well, she finally couldn't ignore her hunger and realised food was important so she finished it all. Again, it was so unusual that she didn't run in the garden and didn't disturb the two adults even though they were there after her lunch. Poor little Eva just either stood at a spot for a long time or sat in her playpen and made no movement most of the time.

She is so quiet and she looks so upset! 

No, I can't walk anymore!!!
I'm in pain!!! (Do I look like it?)

Hope she gets better soon. 
Where's our naughty, hyperactive, cheeky Eva?


Andrea said...

Hope Eva is back to her perky, mischievous self soon.
Blessings, andrea

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Poor Eva! Did she have reactions to her previous shots?

Priscilla said...

Hi Ricky, she had the same reactions for the 1st shot but was a happy puppy when she had the 2nd one.

hero said...

I guess it's just the tiredness that caught up with Eva... hope she'll be better tomorrow.

Licks, hero

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Well, I sure hope she feels better soon! Too bad she had to have a reaction again though.

Sara said...

I'm sure Eva will be back to her frisky self soon. Oreo is always tried after his shots too.

Aren't you proud she was so well behaved at the vet? Eva is a good girl.

DSS said...

My little Louis the westie had similar experiences after his shots. He perked right back up the next day. Sure hope Eva does too. We like her being naughty, hyperactive, cheeky Eva :)

Bandit's Pack said...

Feel better soon, Eva. I bet you're all excited about being able to take her out and about very soon! That's a big puppy hurdle to get to that point. You've got to show that little girl off! ♥

Remington said...

Feel better little sweetie!

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