Wednesday, January 6, 2010

40 days old

Today marks the 40 days of little Eva which means she will be six weeks old in two days time. As an inexperienced human doggy mummy here, I don't really know what I should and shouldn't do with a puppy like Eva. However, I've learned that many doggy trainings should commence when my puppy touches SIX weeks old which means that little Eva should learn to listen and obey commands like sit, down and stay, potty training is a must, and grooming is on the list of priorities too.

For you puppy owners, what else do we have to do? Apart from a lot of socialization?

We're also planning on taking little Eva to puppy class to socialise since she's an only child. At what age do you think she can go?


Emma Rose said...

The puppy class trainer will tell you how old she needs to be. She is probably old enough now if she has had all of her shots. She is so adorable!

Priscilla said...

Thanks. I will check it up with the puppy class trainer. Little Eva hasn't had her first shot yet except two dewormings.

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