Sunday, January 3, 2010

I won't forget you, little master Rosie!

Written by Princess Eva with the help of her scribe

Little master Rosie is going back to her boarding school in England tomorrow. What does 'boarding' mean??? I don't know!!! Grandma Laura told me it means that she disappears for every 3 months and comes home for a few weeks with us. Then, she will spend most of her time with us: play with us, have a walk in the morning, talk to us, groom us, and take us to the park... We always have a lot of fun when she's around, it doesn't mean that the adult humans are boring but you see, little Rosie always comes out some new ideas and we always like her ideas which are just superb!!!

Be good, little master Rosie, we're looking forward to having you home again soooooonnnnnnnnn...

Grandma Laura & Rosie

Uncle Mika & Rosie

Mummy Hana, Uncle Mika & Rosie

Rosie & I

Lots of Love, 
your little princess


Sara said...

I'm sure Rosie will be greatly missed, but what a wonderful homecoming in 3 months!

Dad said...

Sara gave me a link to your blog, I love Shelties. DAD

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