Saturday, January 2, 2010

Puppy Socialization

We've started to let little Eva experience more about her world by introducing her to different sounds, materials and environment as we think puppy stage is a crucial stage to mould her into a healthy happy dog.

We opened and closed the umbrella in front of her. She was such a daredevil and wasn't afraid of it but went towards it, first sniffed and then tried to chew it. It really made us laugh!

As her playpen is actually located in the kitchen. She is disturbed by all the sounds or I should say 'noise' that I make whenever I'm in the kitchen. She has good hearing so she always wakes up but falls back to sleep in a minute after knowing it's me again. She might think I'm a very noisy person, hahahha.

For different materials, we've given her different textiles, rubber mat, yoga mat, or any other objects around us at that time. However, we make sure it's safe for her before throwing it into her playpen.

Bye for now!


Sara said...

Sounds like Eva is off to a great start!

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