Saturday, January 16, 2010

Random thoughts of the day

A little update here:
After the vet visit, Eva started feeling the pain ... for a few hours.
She even ran away from me. :( and hid under her mummy.

I think she really was in pain, and it looked like she was crying.

Doesn't she look sad?
The poor baby.

Just looking at you ...

She couldn't walk, couldn't pee. Maybe it was really painful for her.

But of course, she could still do this. Hehe.

Few hours later, she is alright again, which is a huge relief.

Original post:
We took our precious little Eva and her mummy Hana to the vet this morning. For Hana, I just wanted an assurance from the vet that her skin is getting better and to hear the vet tell me himself that Hana's skin is actually recovering from the hormone changes. I know it's indeed my own problem as KK had told me a couple of times that Hana's skin was fine, however, a confirmation from the vet would sound much better and I felt that the words from the vet could give me peace of mind.

Eva is 7 weeks old now so she had her microchip implanted and her first jab of her life. I must say it wasn't pleasant at all to see the vet implant the microchip into the nape of her neck and a minute later, a jab on her thigh. However, little Eva didn't make any noise at all, I think she didn't even blink her eyes. Didn't she feel the pain? The vet said she wouldn't feel anything at all. I wonder if it's either that the vet is so experienced and he knows exactly which spot is painless for the puppies or the puppies actually don't feel anything at all.

The vet also read Eva's eyes and said she is a sneaky cheeky fella who is full of confidence because of all the love from us and her mom AND she has eyes of DETERMINATION as her eyes look clear and firm. She has characters!!!

Having a newborn pup in our family was an out-of-the-question issue before the arrival of Hana and the birth of Eva, but because of both of them, the world of my family has been changed tremendously. Having this blog here is a very good example of it; writing a blog was never in my to-do-lists at all, NO, I'd never imagined that I would have a blog talking about my beloved doggies and share everything with blog friends online. However, with my daughter's encouragement and 100% support, here I am now!

I am thankful that we're so blessed to have the foursome with us. We pray that Laura is fit and healthy, Mika will be more mature, Hana's beautiful coat will be back and shiny in no time and Eva, to grow big and strong, healthy and happy... :-)

The trio keeps us safe and sound

Laura, our precious

 More food?

Mika, the "black sheep"


Hana & Eva, our darlings


Emma Rose said...

We are glad the vet visit went well.
And we are so happy that you started blogging! We love to visit here and see your beautiful pictures. It is so much fun watching the puppy grow up.

Emma Rose and The Duchess

Priscilla said...

Many thanks for your royal support. We enjoy reading news about you too :)

Sara said...

How wonderful that your daughter opened up the world of blogging to you. It must mean a lot to her that you are doing something you wouldn't have done without her encouragement. I'm sure she is enjoying reading about her furry siblings' adventures, while she is away at school.

All of us are enjoying it too!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

We are definitely glad you started blogging and we love watching Eva grow up! Glad she did so well at her first vet appt!

Sara said...

Poor baby Eva :( Hope she feels better soon.

Priscilla said...

Thanks Sara, Eva is much better now.

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