Wednesday, January 13, 2010

P is for Princess!

Princess Eva is a spoiled pup!  She has a bowl with a crown in it which clearly signifies her royal status but  she also has a handmade bowl designed, drawn and coloured by her precious little Rosie 2 years ago. You see, the point here is that her little Rosie knew very well that the time would come when she would have a little cutie who would deserve a beautiful handpainted bowl  2 years later ;)

Eva's royal bowl

Eva's new bowl (when she's big enough to use it)

The back of the new bowl (can you see '08, for my dog' ?)

And of course, Princesses need water bowls too, don't you think?
So we decided on a Barbie bowl - Girls need to know that they are princesses sometime in their life!
Barbie is girly. Pink is girly.


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