Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eva & her half brother

Magic came again today which means lots of fun in the garden.

Hi, I'm Magic

Magic who first visited us when he was 2 1/2 months old has grown into a bigger and stronger young guy now . It's really amazing to see how fast a puppy grows. His coat is getting thicker and longer, he's so much taller and he runs so much faster. He's adventurous and he's gentle too. When Magic was here a month ago, our little Eva was still a teeny weeny little girl who didn't really know how to play with him yet. However, it's a different story today. Little Eva played so happily today as she finally had someone who is her age and knows how to play puppy games with her. It's really unlike playing with Mummy Hana or Uncle Mika, well, Grandmama Laura still refuses to play with her.

Picture taken on 31st December, the 1st visit

So the two puppies had a great fun running and chasing, jumping on each other, tail pulling, leg biting and some wrestling. Mummy Hana was always there to keep an eye on them. Mika wanted to join in the games but he stopped as he might think he's their uncle and he had to keep his dignity. Laura? She's a bit lofty today and considered the games too kiddy so she remained in the scene but not involved in in any way!

Eva: Hmmm, a nice bushy tail!

Magic: I've told you that I'm stronger!

Well, the two little happy puppies wouldn't care that much. They just PLAYED until they drained their last bit of energy!!!

So tired now, let's have a rest!


Emma Rose said...

Awww, so cute! Looks like everyone had a fun time :)

Emma Rose

Ricky the Sheltie said...

How fun to have another puppy to play with!

Sara said...

What a fun time for all.

I love how the other dogs stayed their distance, and let the two youngsters just be puppies. I wonder if they were thinking, "Oh, to be young."

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