Sunday, January 10, 2010

Play with Mummy Hana

Little Eva had a very good time this morning as Mummy Hana played 'running and chasing' games with her. Mummy Hana ran around her little pup without touching her and little Eva just chased after her mummy all the time. Sometimes, both of them stopped and stared at each other and suddenly they both started the chasing and running again. It was so hilarious to see both of them running in the garden especially poor little Eva tried to catch up with her mummy but failed and tumbled down. However, our little Eva never gave up, she just got up and chased again until she's tired.

Play time!

A little lesson

And a bit of love ...


Emma Rose said...

Wonderful series of pictures. It looks like she is getting all the lessons she needs!

Emma Rose

Sara said...

Oh what fun!

Bandit's Pack said...

How sweet of Mummy Hana to engage little Eva in a little playtime. Sweet photos!

Vonnie said...

Love these pictures! Way tooo cute!

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