Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gutsy Girl

Our Princess has discovered a new trick today , all by herself and she is very proud of it. It is called 'jump across the drain'.

We have an L-shaped garden which is quite long so we use a fence to divide the garden into half when our princess Eva started to run in the garden. There is a drain in between the garden and our house. The drain is quite wide so little Eva couldn't cross over it (when she was little), besides, she had fallen into it a couple of times so she was quite conscious about the existence of the drain. We thought it was a good idea as sometimes we wanted to keep her in a smaller confined area which was easier for us to keep an eye on her while she could play in it too. The place is actually big enough for her to play 'run & chase' game with her Mummy Hana.

 Anybody here to help?

So many times little Eva saw her Mummy Hana, Grandmama Laura and Uncle Mika just walk across the drain and went to the other side of the garden which is full of plants and other interesting things. You could see from her eyes how much she admired those adults and how eager she was to join them.

 Let me try again! 


Well well well, it all happened suddenly today. Our little gutsy Eva jumped across the 'hurdle' and ran to her dream place. I could see her smiling triumphantly while she was running towards me. I could tell that she was so proud of herself and she was so happy that she did it. Oh yes! she did it. Not only once, but a couple of times today.

 1,2,3 - Jump!
Although, sometimes, things did not go as planned ...


Oh dear, I have to find a new method to keep her safe now. May be we have to put a fence just beside the drain so she can't jump across it anymore.


Sara said...

Oh dear. I see a future agility careeer in Eva's future!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

It doesn't take them long to figure things out! I really love the first photo of Eva just standing by the drain with a look in her eye!

Emma Rose said...

Wonderful story! She is so determined :) I think you should just build her a bridge! Lay a nice board down and she can walk across :) Of course if you are trying to keep her away from the garden that will not work.

Emma Rose

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