Thursday, January 14, 2010

Play Day!

When she was 1 week old, all she did was sleep and eat.
When she was 3 weeks old, her eyes and ears opened completely and she could see and hear noises around her.
When she was 5 weeks old, she learnt the meaning of play.
When she is 7 weeks old, MAN, is she naughty!

Well, this picture involves some real physical BITING.
As you can see, Hana is biting her pup's leg, while her pup is biting her leg.

In the wall, there are some pipelines (holes in the wall), so you can imagine where her face is. Let's hope an angry squirrel doesn't live there!

It seems biting her mother is great fun.

Her area of expertise - running

Trying to catch up with Uncle Mika. Her little puppylegs still can't run as fast as she would like them to go!

This is classic.
A tent Rosie used to own as a 'plaything', is now a 'dogthing'.

And as everybody says,

"A tired puppy is a happy puppy"

The end.


Sara said...

And what will Eva be able to do in another week?? Possibilities are endless!

Bandit's Pack said...

Oh, my. That last picture of her sleeping with her Mama is precious! What a cutie little Princess Eva is!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I thought all the photos were so cute and then I got to the last one and it is by far the cutest of all!!!

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