Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's 2010!

Magic & Eva

Today a friend came over with her Magic who is 2 1/2 months old to play with Eva. It was so good that little Eva has a playmate finally as she's the only child at home. It actually keeps us wondering why Laura and Mika always walk away from her even though she shows all her eagerness to play with them. The poor little girl always says 'please play with me! pleasssssseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

By the way, Magic is Eva's half brother - they share the same father.

So the two little cuties had a good time playing together while Hana, Laura and Mika were watching.

 kissy kissy!!

choose the paw!

Magic: You're squishing me!!!


Tired and Thirsty

In the Garden

Little Eva loves the garden so much that she knows every corner of it now. She not only explores the garden but starts to attack the plants these days. I think it's a new found joy for her that there are so many plants for her to CHEW!!!

She loves pulling grass, leaves and plants whenever she has a chance to get any of them.


It's amazing her teeth grow so fast that I even lost track when some of her new teeth grew. It's like magic that her new teeth just pop up suddenly like she herself popped up suddenly in our garden. Is it the time she starts teething?!? But she's just 34 day-old! I was also told that she grows a bit faster than the average sheltie pups most probably because she's the only kid and so she gets all the food and attention that she needs. By the way, she has a MATURE look too!!!  What do you think???

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Laura, Hana and Eva

Rottie is always our favourite even though we've heard enough stories of how mean, ferocious and killing machine a rottweiler can be; Laura is always gentle, kind and loyal to us. We don't know whether it's just because we're lucky that we have found such a gentle rottie that everyone can pat and play with her or it's actually her good  nature. Laura joined our family when my daughter was only 5 years old and she was always gentle to little Ros that she could even ride on her.

When Eva was born in the garden, there were only Laura, Mika and of course Hana, the mummy at home as we're out. When we're home, we sensed something was wrong immediately because both Laura and Mika behaved very strangely that they were standing and watching Hana at a short distance but they didn't do anything to her. I couldn't imagine what and how they reacted to Hana's delivery but I think they definitely didn't disturb the mummy and the puppy at all. I think Laura is really gentle and may be protective too. She's a very good example to prove many people are wrong and bias against her breed.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Like Mother Like Daughter

Little Eva has mummy's genes


Sleeps like mummy

Walks like mummy

And here's a beautiful picture of her mummy's love and affection

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ros & Eva

Having a sheltie was one of Ros' dreams and it was her plan that one day when she is a grown up then she'd have her own shelties. However, her dream came true much earlier before she becomes a grown up and she has two shelties instead of one now. So, you can imagine how happy she is ...


Sunday, December 27, 2009

One month-old

Hooray!!! Eva is One month-old today. 

She can walk very well, run very fast

and even dance like a ballerina!

We've started potty training and so far she does most of her business in the garden which helps reduce a lot of unnecessary cleaning. It also means that she has more and more chances of playing in the garden too.

Except Mummy Hana who attends to her when she's in the garden, Uncle Mika and Grandma Laura always try to avoid her whenever she goes near them. Sigh!!! We actually thought they could help teach Eva but ...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Eva look-alike

We've found another cute puppy that looks like Eva from Hana and Sunshine's(Eva's daddy) breeder


Eva, the BIG bully

It's so funny that such a tiny little puppy can scare away a big rottie, here you go...

Eva: Hi grandma Laura!


Laura: Ewww..what is this?


Laura: Scarryyy!! Run away!!!


Eva: What did I do wrong?

I still remember the first time we put our Princess Eva in the garden and she looked so lost and worried to make her first step on the grass, but she likes the garden very much these days and has found a lot of new joy outside her little fenced playpen; she explores the flower pots, plants, mika's hideout and every little corner of the house with great enthusiasm....
even under the car

Friday, December 25, 2009

Rottie Stack

That's Eva's stack. Looks like a rottie's stack?!?


Hana had her clipping yesterday due to the hormone changes after her delivery. She started from a few patches to all over her body lately and we couldn't bear to see her suffering from the itchiness. It was really heartbreaking to see her scratch herself so hard all the time. We had tried the medical bath which takes 2 types of shampoo and the whole bath takes up at least 1 1/2 hours each time and we also applied iodine over her dried patches in order to soothe down the itchiness but all of these just helped a bit.  A friend who knows a lot about sheltie advised us to let Hana to have a clip as it could speed up her recovery.

Instead of keeping her present beautiful coat we decided that health is more important than beauty. By the way, her coat will grow back in no time when she's recovered from the hormone changes.

So, from now on, Hana will be camera shy for a couple of weeks and you all will see her fresh look when she's ready for the shots again!!!

Christmas Wishes

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pictures speak a thousand words

Day 1

Day 5

Day 11

Day 14

Day 16

Day  19

Day 23

Day 27

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

1st post

With the full support of my dog lover daughter, there I'm with my first post here. My small family started with a 3 months old rottie, our beloved Laura 9 years ago and 7 years later, Mika who was 7 months old then from SPCA joined us. The family was getting bigger and stronger and more barking happened in my neighbourhood. Somehow, an email from a friend of my daughter 2 months ago brought us Hana, a gorgeous sheltie and as a god's gift, she gave birth to our little sweetie Eva 3 weeks later. Well, Eva is 27th days old today and I would like to share our family joy with all of you here. Our family, a 3 human beings and 4 doggies, is definitely growing HUGE and PROSPEROUS now!!!

27 days sounds nothing to most of us. I mean 27 days, so what? It's not even a month yet !!!

BUT but but, 27 days means our little eva from a little tiny sleepyhead with pink snout, closed eyes and ears turns to be a hyperactive, start to fully wag her tail and mind you, she can RUN!!! Our princess eva's faithful private photographer has been capturing her growing stages since day 1 and those beautiful pictures tell you truthfully that 27 days make a huge difference of eva. It's a bundle of joy to see such a little creature grows so well and healthily.

Eva is a Miss Naughty at the moment but she's also a miss cutie. So how could we scold her when she's naughty? As Ros says,' Little Eva has the face that you will forgive her even when she's naughty.' Ros is completely right.

Let's come to Hana, Eva's mummy. She's a really good mummy, so gentle and caring. That's why we all love Hana so much. She's always gentle and obedient and make no nonsense at home. She always does her private business in the garden, and it's a great pleasure to walk her as she is always by your side, no sniffing but walk proudly, her walk is always in a good pace and yes, she walks elegantly!

There is a myth here. Hana mysteriously escaped the examination from an experienced vet and nobody would believe the next thing I'm going to tell you is she even fooled a highly sophisticated ultra sound scan machine and came to us as a non-pregnancy doggy.

No one knew she was pregnant and we were all in the darkness until one evening, hubby and I came home after a 2 1/2 hour grocery shopping and found a little whining living creature next to Hana in the centre of the garden. My first thought was 'oh no! Hana caught a rat!'. Hubby said it was a puppy instead. The second thought was ' where did this little puppy come from?'

Eva was born on Friday 27th November 09. It was Hari Haji too. A good day, a good sign. The only puppy too.

The first time mummy knew exactly what to do with the delivery and she really took a great care of her puppy. We're so proud of you, Hana!

Laura, our beloved rottie who made us bring her home by her gentle eyes 9 years ago is loved by eveyone. She is the oldest at home, a little stubborn but always sweet and kind. A bit old these days as she's going to celebrate her 10 years old birthday three months later. She walks a bit slowly as she has old people's joint problems but she loves walking in the neighbourhood. She knows every street and junctions so well that she actually tells you where she wants to go. We usually entertain her as it's a good exercise for her and as long as she's willing to walk, we walk with her. Oh yes, forget to mention that she is Grandma Laura now.

Last but not least, it's our naughty Mika's turn now. A mixed breed from SPCA who is quite handsome and has a very beautiful coat of hair that Ros thinks he's a goldie mixed. Except playing sneaking out games with me when the gate is open and marking his territory all over the world; he's actually quite good and well-behaved. He is under a home training programme which he has to learn to walk with us obediently, listens to the commands of sit, down and stay, and stop doing his markings. BTY, he's Uncle Mika to Eva too.

There they're, 4 of them with the Phangs!!!
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