Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Howling with style

The dogs in the neighbourhood always get excited when the recycling trucks pass by. 
Watch how our little one joins the fun!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Barkday Presents!

Something came in the post, but I'm not too sure who it's from!

Look! It was sent to ME!! Must be a present! 

Ok. Let's see what we have in here!

My mommy was speechless! She knew that this parcel could only come from the one and only, Lian!
I got a personalized fleece harness, a gorgeous sheltie tag, and all those treats you see in front of you including this huge hoof, which may be a cow or horse or pig hoof! WOW!
I can tell you that it was terrible difficult to get me to pose for the camera. I had to do the 'leave it' command so many times because the smell wafting from the treats was just too much to resist!

This harness even has my name on it!!

Isn't this the most awesomest greenie you have ever seen???
I mean, apart from the broken arm and legs, which I nibbled off!
 Spot the tag, it is beautiful, isn't it?
The other side has my name and contacts

Thank you Aunty Lian, you've made me a very happy puppy!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Birthday!

My birthday celebration started with a morning walkie in the park!
It was all hot and I didn't really enjoy the walking, but instead, did a lot of photo taking instead!

As a true citizen, I followed the rules.

*yawn* is it morning already?!
Transfixed by the water!

Gotta get a closer look!

Even though it was extra hot, I didn't stop smiling for the camera!! 
with crossed pawz!
And my best friend, Boxer came with me too!

When we arrived home, I was already dead tired but the celebration was not to be over just yet!!!
My sweet daddy managed to persuade mommy to make me a birthday muffin!! Not just an ordinary one. A BLUEBERRY muffin!! I generously shared it with my uncle Mika!

Mommy also made me wear this party hat which my Grandma Laura wore for her 10th birthday.
I thought I looked a bit silly! My uncle Mika got to wear it too and it wasn't even his birthday!!!

I guess I don't look too happy here!

Nor does Uncle Mika =.=

And finally to end with, it's also my friend, George the Lad's birthday today!!! 
I took this photo specially for his Birthday Steps post!!! 

P.S. Tomorrow, I'm going to post about a surprise delivery sending me loads and loads of birthday pressies!

It's a special someone's birthday today!

Hi everyone!! Eva here!!
Do you know whose special day is today?
Well, take a guess!!

I can already see my presents piling up and I can't wait to open them!!
A little birdie told me that we're going on a surprise trip too!! Now I really can't wait!

I'll be back a few hours later and tell you how I celebrate it! Watch out!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Story of Me - Mika

Hi, it is me, Mika here. 
The little princess Eva told me that I could post something about myself in her blog today and I think it's a good chance for you all to know a bit more about me. Besides, I think my story is more interesting than the rottenly spoilt Eva. I've to thank Minna as she came out with this good idea so I can leave my pawprints here too! Thanks, Minna!

I came into my pawrents' life when their first dog, a rottie called Laura was 7 years old. They thought that maybe she needed company since she had always been the only dog and well, she might be bored all by herself. 

My guardian angel, Rosie had always wanted to adopt a dog from the local shelter because at that time she was all about doing a good deed. So, one Easter holiday (in 2007), they visited SPCA and spent quite a long time there deciding about whether a pup or an adult dog would be a better fit for Laura. Mind you, those two dogs they were considering were not me at all. I was so anxious and worried, I wanted to tell them that ME was the best there but they didn't notice me at all. At the end of the day, they seemed they had lost hope, and decided to go home and think about it. It was then, that Rosie, my guardian angel spotted me, she thought what a calm, pretty girl I was. Rosie also thought I was sweet and gentle and I was also the first dog she met when she entered SPCA. She just thought, well, maybe I was the one.

It was indeed a shock when they proceeded to pay for me, the people said that I  was actually a male, and named Dino! They were in shock, but then, I behaved so well, so sweet and calm, so they decided to take me.

They picked me up 3 days later (on the 25th March 2007) because they went on vacation. When they took me home, I tell you I was the most excited dog ever to leave the shelter. However, I stank and had ticks at that time and  the worst part was Laura didn't like me. In fact, she became moody for the next couple of days, always hiding herself in a corner and showing her unhappiness at me.  I don't blame her. I know I was a crazy dog, extremely hyper and annoying! Yeah, my calmness they saw was because I was neutered just the previous day, LOL! I gave them the biggest trick ever!!!

I was around 8 months old when I came to live with them. I was always naughty, trying to push boundaries, breaking rules, being naughty, what an adolescent boy does, basically. Oh, and although I was neutered, I just love to cock my leg and mark everywhere! Hey, I'm a MAN!

Somehow, I have calmed down a lot a year later. I am no longer crazy or hyper, but quite the contrary. 

Laura and I had our ups and downs together. I would try and get her to play, and sometimes she would submit, other times, she would assume her role as uppity leader and growl at me. Well, at least, she got over having another one at home to share her territory. And the best part of it all is, I think Laura had finally accepted me and she likes me :)

A year later, a pretty girl called Hana joined our family. I liked her very much because she was gentle and sweet and one day, she brought another puppy into our family and I am sure you all know who she is! I'd better stop and not talk about her here!

me, Laura and Hana

me, Laura and Eva

Oh, my mom just asked me to spare a little space for her, it is all about her previous Post a Comment problem post. She said she had done some changes to the setting and she hopes it works probably now!!! Thanks for your comments and advicetoo : )

My apologies - something is blocking my post a comment link!!!

A few blogging friends emailed me that they have been having problems of giving us comments for the past few days. My apologies to  Lola and Houndgirl as they have been trying hard to comment on our posts but my post A comment link didn't allow them to post any comments.

Sagira shared the same problem but somehow she managed to do it. Can you please let us know how you did it, Sagira? Thanks!!!

I've been checking all the settings but I couldn't find anything weird either. Any ideas from you???

As a computer and blogging dummy, I really appreciate your help and advice!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tricky t-Day

I'm sure this picture needs no explanation.
However, I have to tell you that we have been training this trick for weeks!
In the beginning, her hind legs were not strong enough to support her and lift her up.
I also had to hold her feet in because they would be sliding all over the place.
Now she can do it!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Grooming again!!!

It was a beautiful sunny morning
Mika, quick! She's here!!!

Do you remember my private groomer, the very kind and gentle lady? 
She was back! 
Mika and I were SO thrilled when we spotted  her car coming towards our house. 
She's one of the sweetest creatures in the world apart from my mom and sister Rosie.

Started from ear trimming
Never forget to give Mom a wink : )
Don't pull my ear, please!

What is taking her so long? I'm bored!!!

Oh, a good massage is indeed needed!

Mom kept on telling me to stop fidgeting. OKAY, mom!!!
Looking very neat and tidy now. You can see that even my ears are red because groomer
 lady had to pluck the hairs out! OUCH!
Oops! Hope it's clean down there...

A final touch up

My patience was paid off at last!!!
I hope she can come often!
I'll start praying now...
Uncle Mika likes her too so I know he will also do the prayers (secretly)...

The end result:

Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm happy!!!

It has been a few months since the accident in August but the sharp yelp in pain is still vividly in my mind; the rush to the vet immediately, not knowing what the next would be, the first surgery didn't work well, the second surgery came in and the rest of the story seems so far away but it also seems like yesterday too.

Mika is doing well or at least, he is forced to do well by all the walkies and swim that I imposed on him. I've been very hard on him after the vet told me that Mika's leg was starting to have muscle atrophy and the last resort was swimming and walking. We started with walking but Mika refused to  walk with the injured leg in the beginning and he was really stubborn. No matter what we tried, he hopped!

So, my husband got a big water tank the next day. It wasn't easy for Mika either as it was the first time he was put in the water and we could see he was frightened,  the leg was still in pain and he didn't know what to do in the water.

I started it with 5 minutes and gradually extended the time to 7 minutes to 10 to 15 to ... 30 minutes. I know many people might think I am crazy and cruel.  Even my family members thought I was rather mean to a poor injured boy. Some of my friends told me that as long as Mika is alive and happy, hanging the leg up isn't a big deal after all. I was in a dilemma on 'Should I just let it be or put some last efforts in it' then my last question was WHAT IF... Swimming seems the only way he exercises his injured leg and if I didn't want the muscle atrophy to get worse, it's the only way.

Mika gets stronger each day by swimming and it's amazing to see he can survive through every 30 minutes session, his breathing is steady and calm, he becomes more muscular too.

Slowly he started to walk with the injured leg while we were walking him on the leash about two weeks ago and he is walking better with that leg lately. However, it only happened when he was on the leash. Funny things happened at the vet and I'm sure Eva had already told you about it in her previous post.

So, it was a surprise to see a four legs walking Mika coming towards me and my husband while we came back from shopping yesterday. He only walked for awhile then he hopped happily again for the rest of the day.

Again, Mika walked a bit on his own this morning.

I know it's still a long way to go BUT I took all these as a good sign AND I really want to share my happiness with all of you today!!!

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