Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking back at 2010

To those who have been with us through our ups and downs for the past year, may I say, "We did it!"
To those who we have met in our journey along the way, may I say "Welcome to our adventures!"

It's been a tough year for our dogs, and for many many other dogs in the world. Somehow, this year has not been good to us dog owners. May 2011 be a better and happier year for us all!

Here are some highlights of the year we'd like to share with you (all in chronological order!):

With my beautiful mommy.
My 2 week stay at mommy's parent's house while she was away in the UK.

During which time, momma Hana passed away (on Valentine's day). 

Grandma Laura's 10th birthday. Here I am giving her a birthday kiss!

My first outing to a park!! 

Also the first time I met my daddy Sunshine and half-sis Sweetheart!
Sweetheart and I
My Daddy! Are you sure I'm not half bear??

My first Obedience class where I met my BFF, Joey!
(P.S. At 6 months old, I passed puppy obedience with flying colours!!)

I learnt how to jump and do tunnels in agility!!

Posing with my friend, Happy

The first time I saw so many doggies that look like me!


The sad passing of my sweet Grandma Laura.

My first beach trip!

I also met blogger pal, Hero in the annual Dogathon!

And had my first swim in a swimming pool!

Uncle Mika also had a car accident and needed surgery.

I met with blogger buddy, Lian. She visited me with lots and lots of goodies :) 
She is by far my favourite person (apart from my hoomans, of course!)
She got me this pretty harness!

Uncle Mika had his second operation as the first was unsuccesful.
He has started swimming a lot and building up his leg muscle, 
which is looking really good now!

 I had my 1st birthday!!

Christmas already!


Before ending this last post of the year, I want to give a bit shout-out to our friends to kindly send their prayers and blessings to these two dogs who are suffering terribly. 

Sweet Misty is suffering from an unknown disease. Her humans are trying their best to keep her fit and healthy and she's already 12 years old! Please send her your prayers to get better soon!! 

Our other friend, Hero is suffering from a terrible disease known as Familial sharpei fever which attacks the sharpei breed very violently. His infections are getting worse and his humans have a lot to worry about. Please send him your prayers and well wishes for a speedy recovery!

And to end with, I hope you all have a  
Please don't get too frightened by the noisy fireworks!!! 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tricky t-Day

Prepare yourself for some of the cutest faces this girl can pull!!
Some may call it puppy abuse but I think it's just too cute!!!
The cross-paws at the end of the video was a trick Rosie tried to teach Eva for the past week on and off, she never got it until yesterday! Somehow, something just clicked in her!!! Or, maybe she just wanted to get it ready for Tricky T-Day!

Monday, December 27, 2010

A good end to the year for Mika

I hope everyone had an enjoyable, and memorable Christmas!!

Well, I think it might be time for an update on Mika! Santa definitely gave him stronger legs :)

He is doing much better now. The swims have proved to be so useful and helpful in aiding his muscles to grow! When using his leg, his walk looks almost normal now - he is not as wobbly as he used to be. The right leg also does not look significantly smaller than the left leg which is a good sign!

When he is on leash, he can use his four legs very well. If he starts hopping, we just say "WALK" to him and he will put down his leg again! Rosie has been taking him on walks around the neighbourhood - they are around 10-15 minutes long and she says he does just fine using his leg 98% of the time!

Here's a video of him walking now!
You can see that even his right leg has build up so much more muscle mass it looks almost normal now!!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Our Christmas Wishes

Before we wish you all a very Merry Christmas, we would like to take the time to pray for all our blogger friends who are ill to get better soon!

Dear Misty, we are so glad that you are starting to get fitter each day and we hope that the doctors will be able to help you find your sickie soon!

Dear Sing, we hope that your stiff shoulder will recover soon and that you will be back to your usual active self.

Dear Blueberry, we hope that your nasty C sickie will be defeated!!!!

Dear Hero, it was such a shock to hear that your sharpei sickie had attacked again and gotten worse!! We hope that you will continue to recover even though your beautiful wrinkles will be gone!

Dear Tucker, we were so sorry to hear that you might have Cushing's Disease and we hope that continue to fight the sickie!!!

Dear Mango, we hope those seizures of yours won't return anymore and your sore leggie will continue to get better!

Dear Casper Bear, we hope that you are getting stronger each day with acupressure and hydrotherapy. We all know it is no fun having the Hip Dysplasia sickie!

Dear Billy boy, we wish you a speedy recovery from surgery! We can see you getting stronger and stronger each day!

If I have missed anybody, I'm very sorry but I hope that you too will get better soon!!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tricky T-Day - more matwork

Here is an improved version of last week's tricky t-day.
We are adding distance from the mat and sit+down cues.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The origin of the name, Eva

Today, I decided to search up the origin of Eva's name.

The name, Eva, is a Hebrew word.
It means 'life', 'living one', or 'breath of life'.

Little did we know when we chose Eva's name what it really meant!
We just named her Eva from the movie, Wall-E!!!
If you know Eva's story, you would understand that her birth was a gift from God to us. Nobody knew that momma Hana was pregnant, and we were not even home when Hana gave birth!

Eva is 'life' because she was Hana's gift to us before she left us for Heaven.

She is the 'living one' because we didn't give Hana the care she needed as a pregnant woman and despite all the lack of nutrition from her mother, Eva still ended up being a fat, chubby, healthy puppy and a later, beautiful girl.

Eva is our 'breath of life' and our daily happiness and joy.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


 Some of you may remember a puppy visitor who came to visit us few weeks ago. Well, she came again because her mommy had to go somewhere. I am quite frightened of her because although she likes to play, she is very rough and being a princess, I don't like to play rough!!

See how she loves nipping me!!
And that evil glint in her eye?!?
My hoomans don't understand why I don't fight back and chase her instead!! Well, I guess it's because being a single puppy, I've never learnt to properly play with other pups.  My hoomans are quite thankful to have her chase me because whenever a car passes, I would start running and barking, but with Blackie here, she will chase me so I won't have a chance to run OR bark!!

Most of our games end like this and I always have to go under the bushes to hide from her!

Some of you were interested in the monkeys that have been visiting us, our neighbours, and their fruit-bearing trees. Well, here they are! A whole family of them :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

O Christmas Tree

I saw that many of my blogger friends have already put up their big Christmas trees and we decided to do the same! Last year, I was a bit too young to help out because I was only one month old!

Here is a picture of me with the tree last year. 
At that time, I didn't know what all the fuss was about and was annoyed that I had to pose during my sleepy time!

This year, however, I got to supervise the setting up of the tree and ornaments!! I soon found my favourite snowman ornament - some of you may remember it from last year!

Remember this puppy?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tricky t-Day ~Go to your Mat~

Here is a new trick Eva learnt yesterday with Rosie. It has not been perfected to the utmost level yet but hopefully soon we can get Eva to automatically sit and down when she's on the mat!
This trick ~Go to your mat~ will probably come in useful for us when we need to ask Eva to go to bed!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tricky T-Day

Rosie taught Eva this trick when she came home.
It took around five minutes for Eva to learn this trick - "BANG" -
Here is a video we took after she learnt the trick. It isn't perfect yet, but it's very cute :)
Hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

She's HOME!

Mika: Do you see her?!?
She's HOME!!!!!!!!!!

Mika is ecstatic! Have you ever seen him run so happily before!! (Note his two hind legs!)

We're waiting...

My humans are going to the airport in five minutes' time.

We're told to stay at home,

so we're 







Friday, December 10, 2010

Life is like a wheel!

Today a friend of mine came over to do Pranic Healing for me and after the session, being typical women, we started talking about our families, children, some other random things and our dogs.

My friend, Susan is a dog lover and recently her two dogs ran out of the house when the gate was open; both of them went missing for a couple of days but they found their black labrador back through a friend's help but not the Spitz. When the black lab saw my friend's car, she just ran straight to the car, jumped into it once the door was open and refused to leave it until she was home. Susan was happy to find the girl back but she also has a feeling that the Spitz couldn't make it through. However, she never gives up the hope of finding him back!

I told her how I lost our Hana and Laura within a few months' time and the worst part of it was I wasn't with them when they went over to the rainbow bridge. Both of them chose the time when I was in overseas so I didn't even have a chance to tell them to rest peacefully. 

While we were chatting, tears rolled in our eyes when one of our dogs was sick but we also laughed with tears when our dogs did something funny.
I told Susan I find this year is a rather bad year for my family because Mika had an accident too so
my little Christmas wish is all my dogs are healthy and happy. After listening to this, she said,' Don't
worry, Priscilla. Life is like a wheel, since you've been at the bottom so you're climbing up now!'

I like what she had said and I want to believe in her that I'm/we are climbing up now! I also pray that her Spitz will be home safe and sound soon!

This is my neighbour's rambutan tree.
Look at those fruits, when they are ripe, they are dark red,  juicy and sweet.
This also means we are going to see some monkeys around, they love this tree!
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