Sunday, May 30, 2010

Up the mountain

We brought Eva up to Genting Highlands again last weekend for her to get some fresh cool air instead of the hot humid air down here.
This time we went up a small mountain that wasn't too steep with Eva.

We enjoyed a beautiful walk in the morning dew and Eva had the chance of experiencing something she's never done before. We also got to practise our obedience like stays, heel and recall.

Mom! I'm tireeeddd..............

Smile for the camera, princess!

Now for something off-topic. 
We had our 7th OB class today but Eva's trainer was 45minutes late, so by that time she was tired and not concentrated...I also realised you haven't seen Eva doing OB yet, so I uploaded a video for you. 
She's a very distracted girl, however, so we will have to work on that. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

6 months old already! Where has time gone?

Our little princess has reached a little age milestone. Woohoo!
She's grown up a lot since going to OB class, becoming more in tune with me and listening better too. 

Eva is also proud to announce as you can see from the picture, that she can officially FLY!!
(see, 4 legs in the air!) 

Some of you may remember her practising her flying skills, and finally it's paid off! 
And who said dogs can't fly?

She just adores playing now! It's her new fun hobby!

We also got an award from ( Yoda the Dog. He asked us to write seven things to share about Eva. 
I'll try telling you things you do not already know! If there's any!!!
Well, 7 things Eva enjoys doing which I can think of right now are
  1. Little princess Eva enjoys grabbing and pullingl Uncle Mika's tail. Well, I think most of you have already known about it. LOL.
  2. Help do the gardening by pulling the weeds out and the latest skill is DIGGING and I think she's pretty good at it.
  3. Listen attentively to those distant barks made by Grandma Laura and Uncle Mika and figure out what is happening outdoor and join the barking even though she stays indoors.
  4. Waiting for the wind to come then Eva girl will bark and chase to whatever objects blown by the wind.
  5. Giving Grandma Laura a belly massage whenever Laura has her back rub.
  6. Looking at my husband with her woeful eyes whenever I scold her for being naughty : )
  7. Going to OB class and meet her friends there. She has made a few good friends there like Joey the Goldie, Basil the Beagle and others.

Let's see how time flies:
1st month
2nd Month
3rd Month
4th Month
5th Month

Monday, May 24, 2010

Get well soon, Rosie

My daughter, Rosie hasn't been feeling well since last week. When I thought she was getting better during the weekend, it was getting bad again last night. I feel so sorry for her that she's sick and feel lonely at school while we, her parents aren't with her let alone take care of her.

Sometimes, I feel so helpless! How I wish I could be there with her when she needs me.

She just sent me a text telling me that she had a very good piano lesson and she is tired after the lesson so she has taken a paracetamol and is going to have a nap. I know she has been working very hard on both her academic studies and music studies and even though she isn't feeling strong, she still works very hard. I'm indeed blessed to have her as my girl.

I hope the threesome at home can cheer her up and bring the strength back to her when she reads this post.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Eva's 6th OB class!

First of all, we would like to congratulate Joey and her owners! She passed her OB test with flying colours! YAY for Joey!!

She'll be back to start pre-novice next week!

Our trainer told us that Eva has already passed her exam if this was her 10th lesson too :)
Eva says, "Aren't I just so amazing?"

Today I learnt how to play with a dog! LOL. First we have to make the dog excited by what we are doing so we play with the toy ourselves and then keep throwing it and snatching it back until Eva really really wants it ... until finally with the toy in my hand, we can do heelwork.

Even Joey loves her ball so much!

Finally we got to do the best thing! Agility! Seems like Eva is quite interested in it so we might do some next time when she starts pre-novice, with just low jumps, weaves and tunnel!

After reporting the OB lesson of Eva, here I would like to thank everyone for giving your precious opinions for my previous post. It's so interesting to read about your ideal number of furkids you would like to have and the reasons you have either one or more furkids with you.

Thanks again!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Today, while I was cracking my head to think on what to write for the blog and my muse was apparently not with me at all; some questions suddenly propped up...

  • How many furkids would you like to have
  • How many furkids is called 'enough' either for you or your family?
  • Why do you have only ONE?
  • Why do you have MORE than one?

I know my questions sound silly or irrelevant. Okay, let me do a little bit of explanation here if you bear with me:

We brought Laura home 10 years ago because Rosie asked for a dog. I tried to make it difficult for her by asking her to tell me 10 good reasons for having a dog. I did it because I didn't have any dogs at home at that time and didn't really plan to get one. So, I thought it would be a task for a 5 years old girl and it could save me from not getting her a dog. Well, you all know it well that I simply underestimated her.

For the next 7 years, Laura was the one and only doggy at home. We're relieved and happy that she passed her 7th birthday as many of our friends' rotties didn't make it to 7 years old so we're worried too.

Then one day, Rosie had this idea of having another doggy in order to keep Laura company as she had been so lonely for the past 7 years. A decent reason that she had and it's so kind of her to be so considerate : )

Somehow, we live very close to SPCA and there we got our Mika home. We thought we rescued a dog and gave it a better home to live. Have I told you how we picked Mika out out from so many other adorable puppies, teendoggies and adults? If not, I'll tell you next time. It's a funny story... so be patient!!!

The story developed into a longer one. A year later, Hana was for adoption and we became her adopted family.

Is 3 enough??? I guess so. AND I told myself 3 is MORE THAN ENOUGH!

BUT Hana was sent by god with a package of 2 in 1. That's how we got our little darling princess Eva girl. I mean how could we say no to this little NO.4 when she arrived at our doorstep on her own?

We got 4 at last.

Sadly, 2 months after Eva's birth, Hana passed on the Valentine's Day due to her kidney failure and Eva girl lost her mummy's love and care.

Eva girl, 16 days old resting on her mama's paw

It turned out 3 again.

What about one day when Laura leaves us? Do we just stay with two dogs or get another one?
Honestly, two is more than enough for us to manage. But if you were in our shoes, would you get another one? 

Rosie has an obsession with rotties and that obsession will never go away. She always wants a rottie in her life but we told her to consider some facts like rotties are extremely strong and rough, what if during play, Eva gets injured...even unintentionally? Even a rottie pup is going to be bigger than Eva as an adult isn't it? I think that she's finally decided (hopefully without changing her mind in the near future) that when she's older, she'll get her own rottie that she herself will take care of properly and take full responsibility of it ... because the rotties she wants come from all sorts of kennels in Europe like Spain, Serbia, Sweden, Germany, etc. you name it, she wants it. LOL!

So back to the original question. Would you get another one? 

Well, Hana's previous owner, a sheltie breeder, the lady who technically bred Eva is getting a blue merle from Korea soon to be mated with one of her males. 

AND Rosie is contemplating this scenario ... A beautiful blue merle girl/boy ...
So...what if a stunning blue merle entered the family? At least two shelties cannot injure each other unintentionally and they can be great companions (Rosie's explanations). I'm really cracking my head now!!!

I think 3 is a great number. 3 humans = 3 dogs! 
Did I make sense?

 how about you??? 
Would you keep your number or would you let your number grow? 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Experiences

Everything in life is exciting for a little pup, especially new things!

She officially dug her first hole!
(not that we should be rejoicing over this!)
She looks pretty pleased with herself.

You should always jump when you see a cat in your house. 
And then something else grabbed her attention...
A snail - how interesting!

She also realised that posing for the camera is fun
(while waiting for treats)

What is exciting for us is how fluffy and beautiful she is getting!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Eva's 5th OB class

What a great fun class we had today! 
(more exciting details to be revealed as you keep reading!)

Joey was sure glad to see Eva!

We mostly did revision on the stays


Whole group exercise
(where's Eva?)
And then....guess what we did?!?!


And finally....weaves!

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