Saturday, June 27, 2015

New toy

Dad bought himself a new toy yesterday so MOI, the princess is busy at work again!

Looking to the left, then to the right, tilting the head 45°, smiling, making serious look, staring into the camera etc... Life is definitely tougher now.

BUT hey! I've got a NEW TOY too! First time ever I didn't get any scolding from Dad :)

P.s. Poor Mom has something new to LEARN play with too! Good luck, mama! :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Camp and Caves

Mom and Dad sent me to a CAMP again (alright, I've to admit that I quite like it but it doesn't mean that I WANTED to go there) last weekend and their excuse is they need a break (Mom's version not Dad's) so they went to see some CAVES which you might wonder what's so great of those caves.

So I met my big brother Dunks again and made some new friends as well. What do you think of Loki, the husky boy?

Always get ready for the camera

Big Bro Dunks

Canada Hill in Miri

A small plane with a propeller - on the way to Mulu National Park
 Mom has been practising SELFIE a lot during the trip :)
Mom & Dad's selfie
 What do you think of Loki, the husky boy?
Sitting beside Loki

Celebrating International Yoga Day in Miri

Local Escargot - Ewww! Nope, Mom didn't eat them.
 Mom said the caves in Mulu National Park are truly amazing and that's a shame that she didn't manage to take any good pictures of them as the caves are in complete darkness and she had to use torchlight all the time. These pictures are from Dad and her friend.

It was fun to have the boat ride, I guess. I wish I were there but I'm afraid I might get wet though. Princess doesn't like to get wet!

Garden of Eden in Deer Cave

Clearwater Cave

Lang Cave

Wind Cave

Boat ride 
This is a very unique One Leaf Plant which can only be found in Mulu National Park.

Abraham Lincoln Profile in Mulu 

I was so exhausted when home!

 All of us do NEED some rest after the camp and the caves!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

VET Visit Day

Dread sinking into my stomach when Mom said,'Hey Dear! Let's go to the VET!' 

No, thanks!
I don't need to see him, MOM!!!

I'm fine, Mom!
Are you sure I REALLY need to go?
Car-ride is always joyful but not this time.
Hope the car never stops!
The clinic is close, Mom!
The vet poked me with a HUGE needle!
My bum is hurt seriously!

P.s. Don't worry about the drama queen! Eva is fine and she just knew how to make the usual check-up look bad. She has got her annual vaccines and the vet said she has put on half a kilo in a year. Oops!!!

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