Monday, February 28, 2011

Moral Support!!!

My sister Rosie has been working very hard on both her music and academic studies since she was back to school for her second half term.

She has been complaining about her aching arms, aching fingers and I guess her bum is aching too because she spends a lot of time on the piano bench.
She desperately needs some new brain cells as her little brain is dead tired due to those millions and millions of notes that she has to memorise, and on top of it, she has to study for her coming Science exam.

I've a feeling that she looks like this at the moment

I wish I could help but I don't know how :(
So I thought very hard, looked high and low and searched everywhere... 

May be I could send her some of my kisses

my favourite giant greenie

 or my smiles

or my extra energy

 or be her piano bench so it's soft and comfy and her bum won't be aching

I'm really running out of ideas now, can you please help???


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Me and Favourite Uncle

I'm sure most of you know that my Uncle Mika and I are very good friends. 
However, we have not always been like this.

When I was younger, I don't think he really liked me. He used to run away every time I came near.
I think it may be because I did this a lot to him...

Mummy Hana and I bullied him quite a lot!! Teehee.

My humans think that it's because I'm all grown and more sensible now so Mika likes me. 

Do you think so?

Don't we look good together?

P.S. In the previous Wordless Wednesday photo, we were looking for treats on the grass. I must say that I am a pretty good sniffer dog and Uncle Mika is way behind, which gives me the advantage of eating all the treats I find in the grass.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Some Sayings

See no evil

Hear no evil

Speak no evil

Have a great weekend!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011


It's me, Eva here. 
Don't worry, it's nothing about me today but some updates on Uncle Mika :)

Mika looks great, doesn't he?
See his right leg and hip, don't they look great??

However, the 'yeast' came back to attack his skin again so my humans have to give him a very long bath twice a week. He has to go through two shampoos and the whole process lasts for 1 1/2 hours. It's no kidding! He never likes it  but he is always a good boy, never throws his tantrums and do some annoying things like what I 'm good at during the bath time. He just stays and lets my humans bathe him, he doesn't even shake when the humans are around. He's so considerate! My mum always tells me how she wishes I could learn this virtue from Mika. I think she's day dreaming! I speak what I feel as most humans say!!!

The vet gave him lots of cream and meds.  Mika is okay with the cream but he hates tablets so Dad has to pry open his mouth whenever it's meds time. This time, Mum wishes that he could be like me; I've no problem with tablets because I chew them like they are the sweetest treats in the world : )

As you all know that Mika is a tough guy so everything is under controlled!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Hi, Eva here again.

Today is Sunday which means it is a rest day.
 My humans took me to my favourite place again, they know me so well!

My dad found this. Isn't it beautiful?

Are you ready with my dinner?

Wishing you all a happy Sunday!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Why do you love your pets?

Lately, a friend of mine adopted a dog because the dog's ex-owner thought her dog wasn't going to win any rosettes in the shows so she gave it away and she thinks my friend is a better person to look after this dog.    

It made me wonder why we keep and love our pets.

Why do you love your pets?

Isn't it a simple question which comes with a simple answer?

You love your pets because they are your pets.

Wait, it seems some pets are loved because they are their owner's pride; they are good at agility, they shine in conformation shows, they are clever and beautiful, they speak and understand five languages, they can perform tons of tricks and etc etc.

However, I'm sure most pets are loved because they love you, they sit beside you when you watch television, listen to you when you're complaining about some small matters, put their heads on your lap when you're upset and play with you when you need a playmate.

So why do we love YOU, Eva? 

You never cease to make us laugh (whether it is at you or with you), 
You are the best to cuddle with,
You have a beautiful smile and a beautiful heart,
You are willing to do anything if food is involved,
You know how to wrap your daddy under your paw,

You may not be 'perfect' for show, or agility
(although if it wasn't for your legs, I know you'd be awesome!) 
But you are perfect for us and our family.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tricky T-Day - silent 'leave it'

This is Eva's dinner time:

My husband is the one who gives dinner to the two precious doggies while I am preparing human dinner during that time.

He feeds Eva first, then Mika and a daily drama happened from here: Eva is a super duper fast eater, she doesn't chew but swallows (this actually made me worried all the time) so by the time my husband gets Mika's food ready, she has already finished hers and then she wants Mika's meal too. Barking, jumping and running up and down in the yard are the next few activities of hers while my husband is going to feed Mika. Okay, some of you might suggest that he could have fed Mika first but I can assure you that with that ultra sensitive hearing and sense, Eva knows exactly what happens next and she won't miss any opportunities for having fun by barking and running.

Eva, no doubt is a boisterous girl, I can't really tolerate her incessant barking let alone my peace loving neighbours so we tried all sorts of methods to keep Eva from making noise during the dinner time. Most attempts failed or wouldn't last long until ...


My clever husband thought 'leave it' command might be useful this time. He tried it and Voila, BINGO!!!

From then on, he will wait until Eva finishes her meal properly then he gets Mika's meal out. Before he proceeds to feed Mika, he will leave two kibbles in front of Eva and keeps one extra with him, then he will give her the  'leave it' command.

Initially Eva was short of patience and she might steal the treats if he was a bit slow or late, later on she learned that she has to be patient and wait until he is back and releases the command because she will get treat NO. 3.

It has come to a new stage this evening, a SILENT 'leave it', LOL!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Letters to Hana

Our Dearest Hana,

Today is Valentine's Day and everywhere is full of cards, roses and candle night dinners but today is also the day you left us over to the rainbow bridge.

Hana girl, we miss you a lot and we still miss you a lot!!!

We hope you're happy and running free with Laura over the bridge. Life is different without two of you nowadays, please tell Laura that we really miss her monotonous barking.

Hana, thank you so much for giving us your precious puppy who is not really a puppy but a beautiful young lady now. Eva is growing up well; she is a little bit naughty and crazy, quite barky and jumpy, a good zoomer and a fast and greedy eater; she is also pretty understanding, quite clever, hard working when there is plenty of treats and she is a sweetie pie at home. She is spoilt but well-loved!!!

We love you, Hana dear!

Lots of love, licks and slobbers,
Mummy, Daddy, Rosie, Mika and Eva


Dear Mama,

I don't really know how to start this letter  because I don't think I really remember you as I was just a tiny little one when you left me.

However, I also feel that I know my mama very well. Thanks to those humans at home and Uncle Mika; they always talk about you. They say we are so alike but we are also so different from each other too!!! It sounds weird, doesn't it?

They say you were gentle but I'm rough, you were well-behaved but I'm naughty, you're taller and longer but I'm shorter and shorter, you're an angel but I'm a little demon; however, both of us are beautiful and fluffy, both of us adore foods and we eat fast, we are brave because we dare to challenge the God of Thunder, we both run fast and we both bark, oh there is something which always makes our humans amazed is we have no problem of taking meds, be it in syrup form or tablets. I think we used to be a good mother and daughter team   : )

I remember I liked to walk beside you, played with you and slept beside you as I always felt safe whenever I was with my dear mama.
I miss you a lot, Mama Hana. Sometimes, I think I see you and Grandma Laura at night because both of you are the biggest, brightest and the most beautiful stars in the sky.

Guess what, mama? I think there are something that I can do well but I doubt you knew anyone of them, that is TRICKS!!! You won't believe it that I've learned so many of them and I keep on practising them because once I do it well, I got super duper delicious yummy treats. I'm a very hard working girl too, I watch the house and do my daily duties diligently, unlike Uncle Mika, I never fall asleep when I'm guarding the fort.

By the way, I'm 14 months old and turning 15 months old soon. I'm a big girl now and I've beautiful coat just like you. I guess you are proud of me, aren't you?

I love you, mama. I love you so SO much, mama Hana!!! Oh I miss you now!!!

Zillions of licks,
Your little Eva girl

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Early Valentine's

You love me

You don't love me

You love me

You don't ???


Happy Valentine's!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mango Minster - Insane Cracker Dog

Hi my dear friends, today is a nice bright sunny day here and it is also the day to vote for me in Mango Minster 2011 Insane Cracker Dog Category. I'm so proud that I participated in it as I'm the only sheltie and I really appreciate your support :)))  *hint hint*

In fact, my mummy told me that there are so many fantastic cracker dogs who do really crazy things. She said if you would like to have some good laughs for the day or to see some amazing funny pictures, that's a right place to go. Mummy also said I'm not really qualified as a true cracker dog yet but I'm a CUTE LITTLE APPRENTICE CRACKER DOG. I guess it's still a compliment, right?

Anyway, why don't you pop over to Mango Minster and have a look! **hint hint again**

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tricky T-Day - crossed paws

We had posted the crossed paws video some time ago when Eva first learned it. I think she is doing it better these days.
Well, she has been working very hard on it and treats are her best friends : )

Saturday, February 5, 2011

CNY Celebrations!!!

Chinese New Year for me has been such an enjoyable festive season! 
Way better than Christmas!! Wanna know why?
My humans went back to their human-parents' house 3 nights in a row for dinner, and guess what! They took me along with them!

I've enjoyed all the car rides, meeting new people, being with new people, and following them around looking for food! 

It had been raining all day every day for the past few days. I was so glad that it stopped raining before Chinese New Year!
When it rained, I was stuck at home and I got rather bored. Without my morning runs and house watching, I felt like none of my duties have been fulfilled. 
Mom said I had been really gloomy and grumpy.

Yes, I tend to give the 'evil eye' when I'm feeling down.

Luckily, the sun came back and so did the soothing wind and I was happy again!

I have been blowing a lot of coat these past couple of weeks. My humans have been quite worried because they have never seen me blow such an amount of coat before. Hopefully though, when my new coat comes, it will be fluffier and bigger than it was!

Another big piece of news is that I'm probably going to have the girl's surgery soon, probably next weekend. 
My humans are pretty worried, but they know the consequences of not getting it done. 
I guess they are being over-protective.

I hope all of you have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chinese New Year

Today is Chinese New Year so my humans are off work and that means it's MOI time!

According to Chinese, this year is a Bunny Year, okay, most serious people call it" Year of the Rabbit". My mummy found this interesting link  Chinese Zodiac which you can check what your Chinese Zodiac is. Although I know I'm a puppy, I was born in 2009 so I'm a little OX too, teehee, can you believe it? I don't have any horns at all, do I, Mum?!!!

Try to hop/run like a BUNNY!

Well, I'm not so interested in rabbits and I never like rabbit foods. Once I was tricked into taking a bite of it and the next second or may be shorter than that, I spat it out immediately. No, it isn't my cup of tea!

Happy Bunny Year!!!

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