Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bon Voyage!

Mom told me that she is having her summer vacation for three weeks AGAIN like last year this morning.
I was shocked and terrified.

I don't even want to talk about where she is going to and whom she's going to see and visit.
I'm so upset now!

Being a good girl, I promised that I'll guard the fort from 9 to 5 until Dad is home and I know it's going to be a tough job for a little girl like me. Last but not least, I also promised that I'll take care of Dad and make sure he eats and sleeps well.

She's leaving tomorrow morning.

I know she's going to miss me terribly but I wanna cry now!!!

I will be waiting for them both to return.

In the meantime, I will try my best to be able to get on the computer and post on my blog because I wouldn't want my blogger friends missing me!

Monday, June 27, 2011

19 months old

I'm 19 months old today.

But still a little girl at heart.

Friday, June 24, 2011

When there were four ...

This is, believe it or not, the only picture with all four dogs together.

I think the picture is pretty much self-explanatory.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Wishful Recall

Oh, Eva!

I wish you could have a recall that was as good as this!

"Eva, COME!" is one of the least reliable recalls, unless she is bored and she knows you have food.

"Touch" is quite a reliable recall, no idea why! I think she enjoys touching my hand for food.

"Play catch" is when I throw a treat and she catches it. She enjoys it a lot.

"Dinner!" is actually a recall for my DH so he knows it's time to help set the table up. 
Eva is the one who leads the man to the dining room even though she gets nothing from both of us.

The best recall? When it's HER dinner time! 
Our little princess sheltie is actually a big fat piggy who adores her food and literally inhales it in seconds.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Mika, the gentleman

A few days ago, I tried to get Mika to do the doggy puzzle we bought for Eva previously.
He just stared at me and didn't even try solving it even though he knew there was food inside. Eva was watching us excitedly behind the fence so I thought maybe I would let her do it in front of him.

This was what happened.

Mika is the perfect gentleman.
He didn't even attempt to steal her treats.

He allows her to jump on him.

And just look at that!! 
Biting off a whole mouthful of tail-hair!

What a big bully she is!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My weekend

Usually, daddy is the one that goes to work everyday, leaving me and my mommy home alone.

However, this weekend was different! My mommy had to go to 3 consecutive days of dinner parties because her friends' children were getting married, leaving me home alone with daddy.

Even though she had a dinner party to attend, mommy gave me a huge spa day on Saturday - all by herself!

I got bathed, dried and also had a pawdicure!

I'm sorry - did you just say I need a BATH?!?

I was a good girl and didn't do anything naughty - mommy couldn't believe it!
And when it came to the dryer, I got a huge piece of fish jerky and in return, I didn't make a single noise!

So here's a piece of advice for you doggies out there!
Be good and you will get food!

While waiting for mommy to come home, I helped Mika guard the house.
 I tell you, we are the terrifying two!

Wondering when she would be back...

 Ahh...the cool floor tiles make me want to sleep.
I'm sure mommy won't mind, if I just take a little nap.

P.S. Many of you were wondering what I was doing in my previous Wordless Wednesday photo.
Well, that was me going cracker dog over a car passing by.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pictures speak a thousand words

Have a great weekend!!!

PeeS : My mom thinks pictures speak, I think she's just plain lazy!

Monday, June 6, 2011

My best friend

It's always nice having someone to play with

And to go crazy with...

To make somebody smile...

To explore things together...

My best friend!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Puppy Memories - My sheltie beauties

Our friend, Amy, had the great idea of creating a day in which we share something about our dogs and write about our memories of them when they were pups. 

Say cheese, darling!!!

Once upon a time, in a far far land, lived a beautiful princess....

These two pictures of puppy Eva and her mama Hana are some of the last pictures that we have of two of them as Hana went to the Rainbow Bridge a few days later.

In the first picture, Eva looks so happy sitting beside her mama and  Hana is so proud to present her precious darling to us.

In the second picture, I always think mama Hana is telling her girl some stories and the little one is listening to them with her big smile on. May be she was trying to remember every word her mama had said.

It's always sweet to think about how happy they were together and yet my heart always aches as the time is too short for them being together. 

It has been already a year since Hana's passing and her little puppy is a beautiful young lady now. 

I wonder whether Eva could still remember her mama. 
Does she miss her?
I miss her though : )

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Downward Dog and a Cat

What do you think of this???

I practise yoga three mornings a week at a nearby club and the venue is next to the club pool.

As the place is surrounded by plants and a pool, we have some visitors on and off, mostly mosquitoes, flies, a lizard a.k.a gecko (once), a frog (once), and some children onlookers.

Last Friday morning was cloudy and we all knew that it was going to rain HEAVILY which it was;
a little stray kitty visited us right before the class started. 
He looked lost, scared, hungry and tiny.

First of all, he sniffed at some of us and then he did his close surveillance of the place. 
Then he decided he liked this lady the most. He was rubbing against her for a long time. He liked her. 
(This lady is a Pranic Healing practitioner and we think it's because she exudes love, the kitty sensed it from her and that's why he chose her.)

The yoga teacher just started the class and we were all in this downward dog position for some warm ups, the kitty decided her favourite lady's bum is the best place for him to start his day as well!!

Yes, he just jumped up, made one or two rounds up there and settled himself down nicely. Doesn't he look he was so comfy up there??

We were amused but found the little fellow was so sweet too!

Guess what we did? We told this lady to stay in her downward dog and not to disturb the kitty. LOL!!! She's a good yogi and a good sport, and she stayed there for at least 10 minutes until the kitty called it a day.

By the way, the kitty went up onto her bum again when we were in another downward dog time but he didn't stay that long. 

Do you see the lady next to her who has a purple towel in front of her mat?

The little fellow found it was a temporary comfy home; he went over, adjusted himself, got his best spot, curled up and took his cat nap.  

He slept so soundly and obviously he wasn't disturbed by us at all.
He looked like an angel when he was sleeping.

He was there with us until our class was dismissed which was one and a half hours later.
When we packed, he got up and decided to leave too.

However, the lady with the purple towel decided to give the kitty a home. 
Bless her heart. She took the kitty home and our yoga teacher paid for the vet fees. 
The lady's two children are so happy to have the kitty with them now. 

That was a rainy morning but it was a morning with love and blessings too.
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