Born on the 10th March 2000,
Laura was our first ever dog we have ever owned as a family.
At that time, the breed, 'rottweiler', didn't really mean anything to us. Only a few years later after reading stories of rottweiler attacks on the news did I realise I owned a 'dangerous' breed. But there was no going back. Our Laura was the sweetest thing in the entire world and she put our views on rottweilers straight.
There are no bad dogs.
Only bad owners.

We do regret at times that we didn't do much with her. We were only newbie owners and didn't know what to do with dogs. We didn't know about obedience, agility, etc.
Amazingly though, without training, Laura was still the most obedient, well behaved dog ever.
Without socialization, until the age of 9 (when we took her to a huge dog event), she did so well with other dogs.

She did wonderfully with Eva when she was little, tolerating her annoying puppy habits and was very patient with her. She also taught Eva not to mess around with old grouchy dogs.

Her favourite thing in the world, apart from food, would be squeaky toys.
Once, when she was very young, we bought her one. She played with it at midnight, and from then on, it was confiscated and she never owned a squeaky toy ever again.

Laura was a gentle giant. She never harmed any small animals and was so sweet to human children. She was the best dog we could ever own.
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