We adopted Hana after her previous owner (a sheltie breeder) found out that she had a heart problem and couldn't take care of her anymore.

Hana was a very sweet girl. I still remember the day she became our family member vividly, Laura and Mika accepted her on that very day too. She was so gentle and calm. She made no fuss at home except she liked to nibble on those little twigs and dried leaves and she liked to dig and made some deep holes at one of the corners of the garden.I loved to have a walk with her as it was so easy to walk her. She would heel automatically and walk alongside you, without sniffing, pulling, or peeing. She was such a wonderful and well-behaved dog.

When Hana became a mother, she was allowed in the house (the first dog I had given permission to), and she would only sit if we lay down a blanket for her. She was confined to a small area in the kitchen but she never crossed the boundaries. She showed us what a wonderful mummy she was and always amazed me by the ways how she took care of Eva and how she taught and played with Eva. She's a fantastic mummy and I know Eva loved her very much too. It's always sweet to see both of the smiling in the pictures and knowing that they were always happy together.

With Mika, Hana was like a pup again. They would play, and she could keep running around him, begging him to chase her. They would nip at each other, jump at each other, and play just like pups. They were best friends.

When Hana first joined our family, she was very close to Laura. Laura was also very kind to her. They would lay close together, but Hana would never disturb her like Mika did. And if Mika tried to annoy Laura, she would pull his tail as if telling him to stop.

Hana loved chasing cars and barking at cats...just like her daughter. I guess some things run in the genes and don't have to be taught!
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