Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eva is three months old today!

Our miss noughtie is three months old today and she just gets cleverer and cleverer each day.
Since we came back from the UK, she's amazed us with her constant antics makings us laugh.
Well, what makes her so funny?
She's so clever she's almost human and she can even communicate with us (in her doggy actions)!
If she wants to play, she'll bark to get your attention and pick up her toys (indicating it's play time).
If she wants to go potty, she'll bark until you take her out.
And she LOVES LOVES LOVES belly rubs and playing flips and cuddles.
When she's out and knows that we want to take her back in, she'll run under the car and then a game of chase begins.
If she sees us going right to catch her, she'll go to the opposite direction, left, and vice versa.
Essentially it's a game in which nobody succeeds and human and dog are going round and round in circles.
Yesterday, I left the playpen out in the garden, put her in it, and did some work in the kitchen. Suddenly I heard a bloodcurdling yowl!
I ran out immediatley but Laura was even faster than me (I don't know how an old lady like her could run so fast); she went to Eva and nosed her and licked her (how adorable!!!). So what happened to Eva?
She obviously didn't like the confinement and wanted her freedom so she decided to try and stick her head in the gap connecting the two fences together. Well, her ear brace got stuck to it real bad and of course it hurt her a lot. I had to pull the brace out of her ears and I think she was in a lot of pain. Laura and Mika were so sweet to come and see what went wrong. Laura does have a maternal side to her even though she never got the chance to be a mother. After the incident, I couldn't help but cuddled Eva for about 5 minutes - the poor girl. I hope she had learnt a lesson that day too. 
Eva's also getting naughtier and naughtier. My sister is a night-owl and when Eva was with her for those two weeks, they had lots of late night games. However, she brought this habit home and requested to extend her playtime after her supper for the past few nights. I tried to ignore her after the supper last night but she turned her playpen upside down within 10 minutes. At last, I gave in by playing with her and I was so exhausted as it was so late at night. Finally, I threw in a plastic bottle as a new toy for her and it worked. Phew!!!

But, what am I going to do tonight?


Friday, February 26, 2010

A puppy's life with the 'oldies'

In my sister's house, Eva had the two 8-10 year old shihtzus to bully and chase and bite and even jump OVER.

In our house, she has her 10year old Grandmama and 3 year old Uncle who don't really like playing with an annoying little brat like her :)

However, Laura agreed to pose for some pictures with Eva and so here they are.

I hope these two adults will teach her some stuff, although her mum's taught her practically everything she needs to know to be a lady, but it depends on whether she wants to follow the 'rules' or not. She knows what is right and what is wrong, but sometimes she forgets and tries to 'bully' us. Unfortunately, she knows she can't bully us like the way she bullies my sister (she was a real miss naughty).

So here are some pictures of Laura and Eva for you:

First, the most beautiful grandma rottie ever
A little kiss

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Home sweet home!

We came home this morning and happy to see Laura and Mika welcoming us at the gate. It's a relief to hear Laura's non-stop complaints and to see Mika's frantically tail-wagging, I knew they're really happy to see us home. Both of them made so much noise and of course there were lots of pats and hugs and I was so glad to see they were alright at home. However, it was really sad that Hana wasn't there wagging her tail and trying to push Mika away in order to get our attention as usual anymore. 

I'd been trying my best to keep myself calm on the journey home and I thought I was okay when I saw Laura and Mika but I completely collapsed when I saw the urn with Hana's ashes in the house. It's really really hard to keep calm and cool anymore. I just miss her, miss her so much that I can't even tell how much I miss her. 

3 months and 5 days - that's the time we had Hana with us. It's so short, isn't it? But we just love her so much that it's like she'd been with us for so many so many years. Yes, I know that Eva is the most precious thing that Hana left for us but I really hope Hana were still here with us so that I could see both of them playing and running in the garden tomorrow morning. Well, I know it's time for me to let Hana go now as I'm home at last and I've to make sure the other three are healthy and happy from now on.

It was a very happy moment when our not-so-little-anymore Eva recognised us once we were at my sister's place in the afternoon. She has grown so much and her look has changed too; she is so much bigger. We can see a very happy puppy there try to play with the two ShiTzus but the two poor old souls always try their best to avoid playing with her but our stubborn Eva never gives up - she even jumped OVER them!

When Eva was home, Laura and Mika immediately went to her. There were so much sniffing but no playing as Laura never plays with her and Mika just plays with her while Hana was around. However, I'm sure they were happy to see each other again after the two weeks' break.  I wondered whether little Eva did look for her mummy as she paused for awhile when she was in the garden. Her look was a bit serious and her eyes were searching; it just looked like she was trying to  recall something, may be she remembered this is the garden that she used to play in it or she just felt something was missing. Who knows! Anyway, I was happy to see her running around in the garden again and it means a lot to all of us.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Moody Monday

Greetings from Laura!
When I'm scared (of the thunder and fireworks), Mika and I immediately assume this pose in which we feel a sense of security. 
My owners still wonder why I'm not at the bottom and Mika at the top, but they don't understand dog logic :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Eva's little holiday! may wonder, how's Eva?

Well, I can tell you that Eva is very happy without her (original) owners around.
She's in my sister's house, bullying her two ShihTzus (i.e, jumping on them, chasing them, while they run away and hide from her), she even dares to bully her huge mutt, Hero.
She jumps on everybody and thinks she's the queen of the place.

She's also very clever -
If she happens to poo in her playpen, she'll bark until they clean it up.
Now, they know that if she barks, they have to take her out to do her business.
When she is bored, she will also bark until someone plays with her.
If she loses the game, she'll bark to show her unhappiness.

As you can see, she's growing into a very temperamental young lady, with a HUGE ego.

So, when we are home (next Wednesday), she's going to have a lot of corrections from us and training will officially begin, especially now that she doesn't have a strict mummy to correct her wrongs. We hope she isn't TOO naughty though!

I think that these 2 weeks at my sister's is a new experience for her and I'm sure she has no socialisation problems - she's a very outgoing happy girl, but she will have to learn to hold back on the 'grumpies' (like Grandma Laura).

How can you resist this CUTE face?????

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

In today's thankful post, I would like to thank everybody for your wonderful condolences to us. We really appreciate it and every comment we received was very touching to us.

First I would like to thank my sister for bringing Hana to the vet and visiting her everyday, taking care of her, and being with her before she died. It must have been the hardest thing for her to do.

I would also like to thank Josie for her most beautiful memorial for Hana and thank you for the wonderful poem.

Thank you to our dearest blogger friends - Sara, Bandit, Ricky, Emma Rose, Diana, Lian, Josie, TanukiMaxx and Hero for your constant support through this rough time for us.

We would like to present you with this thank you note.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hana and me

This is going to be a very emotional post and please ignore it if you think it's too much for you to digest. I've been asking myself whether I should sit in front of this laptop and do the post; my rational part tells me I shouldn't because I'll cry again and I might talk nonsense but my emotional part of me won the game and I'm here starting to pour out the random thoughts I've at the moment.

It's really hard for me to accept the fact that Hana isn't with us anymore and the worst part is that we weren't with her when she was sick. I can't stop imagining her alone at the vet's and she might be scared and wondering where we were all the time. I managed to talk to her before the vet gave her the jab and according to my sister, when Hana heard me calling her over the phone, she tried to sit up and she pricked up her easr to listen; she even looked at the phone and her mouth was moving like she had so much to tell me. I could only tell her that I love her so much and I was so very sorry that I wasn't there with her; I told her that she was a good girl and a good mummy and we will always remember her.

There are many things that I don't understand and I'm trying to find the answers out but it seems all these are impossible now. Hana was so young, not even 3 years old and we were planning to celebrate her birthday with Laura and me as all of us were born in March and I was thinking we would have the big birthday celebration in late March when Rosie comes home for her Easter break. I keep on asking why she had kidney failures and how it happened. Were there any signs before her collapse or is it that they were actually some signs which I didn't notice at all. I really can't stop blaming myself for not being able to spot those problems out earlier which we might be able to save her life.

When we got Hana home last November, we knew her skin was a bit sensitive and she had a heart enlargement problem but she had her heart tablet everyday. As I told you all before, 3 weeks after joining our family, she gave us her wonderful Eva which we love and adore so much since she was born. After the delivery, the hormone changes caused her lose her beautiful coat but her coat was recovering very well. I was waiting to see a Hana with a full grown coat.

We were really careful about her heart condition and took great care of her skin, while we were thinking we'd covered up every health problem of her, we didn't know there were the kidney failure and liver infections. I really don't know how it could happen within a short time. The vet did tell me that if I really wanted to find out the cause, he could send Hana's body for autopsy for the sake of getting the truth. No, I couldn't bear the thought of letting her suffer again and I told the vet to just let her rest and I think it was what she needed at that moment.

Hana was a very sweet girl. I still remember the day she became our family member vividly, Laura and Mika accepted her on that very day too. She was so gentle and calm. She made no fuss at home except she liked to nibble on those little twigs and dried leaves and she liked to dig and made some deep holes at one of the corners of the garden.I loved to have a walk with her as it was so easy to walk her. She would heel automatically and walk alongside you, without sniffing, pulling, or peeing. She was such a wonderful and well-behaved dog.

When Hana became a mother, she was allowed in the house (the first dog I had given permission to), and she would only sit if we lay down a blanket for her. She was confined to a small area in the kitchen but she never crossed the boundaries. She showed us what a wonderful mummy she was and always amazed me by the ways how she took care of Eva and how she taught and played with Eva. She's a fantastic mummy and I know Eva loved her very much too. It's always sweet to see both of the smiling in the pictures and knowing that they were always happy together.

With Mika, Hana was like a pup again. They would play, and she could keep running around him, begging him to chase her. They would nip at each other, jump at each other, and play just like pups. They were best friends.

When Hana first joined our family, she was very close to Laura. Laura was also very kind to her. They would lay close together, but Hana would never disturb her like Mika did. And if Mika tried to annoy Laura, she would pull his tail as if telling him to stop.

I don't know how to end this post and I think I will just stop here...

RIP Hana

Dear everybody,

Thanks for your kind prayers. We appreciate them deeply.

However, Hana was PTS on Valentines Day. 
Her kidneys were failing and she really didn't stand a chance of living a decent life without pain and misery.

Dear Hana,
For the three months you've been with us,
You've brought us nothing but joy and happiness.
We'll miss you, our beloved girl.
Thank you for bringing us your gift from heaven.
We hope you will run happily on the rainbow bridge and one day we'll see you again.

RIP Hana 
(13 March 2007 - 14 Feb 2010)

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Dear everyone,

Our Hana needs your prayers and please pray for her.

My sister took her to the vet again while my husband and I were on the flight; a blood test was taken immediately and the vet thought it was a better idea for her to stay at the clinic.

Hana is now staying at the vet's and on drips. She can't eat or drink, and nor can she pee and she keeps on vomiting. Our dear dear Hana is really poorly at the moment.

The blood test showed that her kidneys are very bad. I can't tell you what has happened to her kidneys because my mind wan't working at the moment when the vet tried to explain Hana's conditions to me via the phone and besides, I didn't understand those medical terms at all. I just remember I kept on telling the vet to try his best to help her and he promised he would do his best.

We're so worried about Hana now. I really don't know what we can do for her and I really wish I could be there with her.
Please pray for her. Thanks a lot!

We hope she gets better soon.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hana got sick yesterday and we had to take her up to the vetShe refused to walk and had to be carried up to the car.
It seems she injured her right hind leg, most probably when she played with Eva or when she barked when the garbage truck came. Somehow, she became very quiet and looked sad and miserable. She has loose bowels too which resulted in the digging and eating a lot of rubbish from the garden. Mainly the twigs, dried leaves and pebbles.

I gave her Bene-Bac after visiting the vet. She looked weak and stayed in the kitchen the whole day yesterday.

Hana had no appetite and that's the terrible thing. We all know that she loves food and if she doesn't eat anything, it means she's really ill. I tried to feed her and she ate a bit in the morning but she refused to eat at night. 
We didn't force her as we thought she needed a rest and it could be the leg injury and the upset stomach troubled her a lot. We prayed that she could get better the next day, at least, she'd jump at her food!
However, Hana isn't better today at all. She threw up whatever she had at midnight and refused to have her breakfast. Then, I tried to give her a bit of yoghurt thinking of her upset stomach, she threw everything up again after eating it. Oh, our poor Hana. It's so worrying now.
My husband and I are going to UK to visit our daughter there and stay with her during half term - we'll back in 2 weeks.
In the meantime, the 3 adults will be taken care of by my sister, and Eva will be staying in her house. I hope that this will be a good experience for Eva where she will learn even more with two older adult dogs whom she can hopefully play with, how to be in an unfamiliar place, etc. Eva will still be taken home often to see her mom, Mika and Laura, and to gently remind her that our home is still her home! We hope she doesn't forget her mom this way.

I will still blog once in a while, but it won't be about the daily adventures of Eva, unfortunately.
We'll be thinking of them everyday, but I know that they are in good hands.

I'm going to miss all these, 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tricky T-Day #2

This is Eva's first not-so-tunnel experience! 
And she also knows her name ... well, only when I call her. She'll look at me or come to me when she's called (most of the time). Unfortunately, my husband has tried calling her a couple of times but without any success. 

Our homemade tunnel was created using a box lid!
However little Eva decided that the easier way to get her treats was to jump ON the box!

But then when she realised how fun it was, she started going in and out the tunnel!

This is Eva's daily game of Flip we learned from Katie and Louie The Newfies from The Happy Haus. They said it was a gentle way of letting the pup know you are the alpha, although Hana is already teaching her lots. Eva LOVES flip!

Remember when Eva learned to jump across the drain?
Well, here she is in action!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Funny pictures to make your day!

Look, a flower!!


Smile for the camera, girls!

Wow. I never knew you were such a comfy legrest!

Nothing BUTT shelties!
Ok, first lift your left hind leg up, balance, and swish your tail.
.... I can't swish my tail mama :(

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Eva's Grouches

From our little Princess Eva,

Do you think I look a bit different today?

Guess you've already spotted the difference. It's not that hard, is it? If it's really that hard, there is a hint here: LOOK AT MY WHITE SHAWL!

A collar. A BLUE collar. Never mind that it's blue now. I actually thought PINK suited me better. Well, I don't know whether PINK is better because I don't have any PINK collar at all. The problem is they gave me a recycled collar that Uncle Mika wore it before, and then my Mummy Hana wore it for a couple of times too; Grandmama Laura didn't wear it and it's just because her neck was too big for it. It's a recycled collar! Everybody is talking or practising recycling nowadays which is actually good to our mother Earth but a recycled collar to a princess like me is a bit ... Don't you think so?

My little Rosie wasn't so happy with this old collar either so she kept on telling her parents to get me a NEW collar. However, they have been extremely busy these days so they can't get me a new one. By the way, I think they've to face the fact that THIS blue collar is far too big for my tiny neck which means I need a PUPPY collar, may be a PINK one if it's possible ; ).

Anyway, I think they've got the message just now as I managed to free myself out of the collar without any difficulties. It's just easy-peasy. What I needed to do was to make a few wriggles and off I went.

I don't like this so-called collar thingy. I don't feel comfortable with it; it's itchy and I scratched a bit. Well, they said I need it and I will love it one day because if I behave myself with this collar thingy, I can go out with them ... My mama whispered to me that I'm going to a puppy class soon, Grandmama Laura and Uncle Mika said I can go to the park if I'm good. Oh well, I've no idea what it is, let's see... 

I still hope I could have a new one, PINK may be...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Eva loves Mummy Hana

Having a new born puppy at home is a real good experience to me and my family and having the mummy with the puppy is a bless to all of us too.

We didn't know what a mummy can do to her puppy until we had Hana and Eva. It's amazing to know that Puppy Eva has learned so much from her mummy Hana too since she was born until now. Within the two months time, we have witnessed her growing up and love sharing every moment of the miracle of life we have with her.

They both LOVE food and after finishing their food, they would keep licking their bowl until it is sparkling clean.

And then they would look at you and ask for more.

How they play

How they walk

Maybe little Eva is being her mother's mini clone!!

But Hana is a strict mother. And it amazes us how even as a first time mother, it is in her instinct to protect her pup and she knows how to teach her and take care of her.
The princess being punished

Teaching her self-defense

And how to be a real princess

But sometimes a princess has to be a bit naughty.

And she's allowed to do un-princesslike things like this :

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tricky T-Day #1

We never expected our first Tricky T-Day to come so early!
But we can never change fate.
This is a little agility devil in the making.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Moody Monday

Eva's been so whiny and complaining today.
It's raining outside and she cannot go out and play.

Do NOT fall for those eyes and cries. 
She really is a drama queen xD

So here is Eva's first Moody Monday.

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