Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hi buddies, it's Eva's turn again!

Today's supposed to be Wordless Wednesday post but instead of being wordless, I'm SPEECHLESS!

You know what?

My mom is leaving me alone at home with just my dad, Grandma Laura and Uncle Mika for 3 weeks!!!

I told Grandma Laura, she looked so serious after listening to it!!!

Mom said she's going to visit my dearest sister Rosie in England and then come home together with her.

Uncle Mika had no clue at all so I told him about it

I'm thrilled because my guardian angel sister Rosie will be home soon but ... how am I going to survive without my mom at home for 3 weeks. However, my dad has promised me that he'll be home earlier whenever he can and he might drop by in the afternoon for me to have some fresh air. I do hope he can keep his promises!

My mom has told me many times that she's going to miss me. I just don't understand it. Doesn't she know it well that she doesn't have to miss me if she stays at home so I don't have to miss her either (a bit tongue twister here, right?). Hoomans - weird!!!

The bright side is I don't have to do those OB things because Mom isn't home, hippeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Oh yes, my mom sends her thousand apologies here as she might not be able to update our blog and visit our blogger friends' blogs often for the next three weeks but she's promised she will play the catching up games once she's home. We'll wait...

Monday, June 28, 2010

She's Eva, not Lassie

Whenever I take Eva out, people are always attracted by her beautiful coat and look 
(I know I'm boastful,  please bear with me)  : )

Some of them will just approach me and say,' It's so beautiful. IS IT LASSIE?'

My reply, ' She's EVA, not Lassie.'

A brief explanation follows : She's a Shetland Sheepdog, not a Collie ...
a detailed one comes if they still can't differentiate a Shetie from a Collie

Is it really confusing???

A Sheltie? A Collie?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Eva's profile I

Just for fun!!!
Here is the latest collection of Eva's left face profile

Get ready, my left side of face

Is that what you want, Mom?

 I like this one!

Oops! I think my left ear isn't tipped enough...

What do you think of this look?

Mom told me to smile
Let me try it

My pearly little white teeth!!!

Are you done, MOM?

Friday, June 25, 2010

What do you do everyday?

Hi my dearest friends, Eva is wagging her tail here.

First of all, I want to thank all of you for giving my mom those positive comments and advice. She kind of freaked out in the beginning although I kept on promising her I'll take care of myself which means I'll jump less if I can control myself and cut down those runs if there is nothing too exciting out there. 

Secondly, I'm a bit curious about what you do everyday. Please forgive me if you think I'm prying which I'm not at all. I'm just curious because I think my life is just a daily cycle from morning to night then it repeats the next day then the next day then the next day then..... I don't want to continue here as it'll be an infinite. In fact, I'm just trying to tell my mom and giving her some ideas that sometimes we can do something differently.

Let me tell you what I do daily and you be the judge and tell me how EXCITING my life is!

6.30am - I wake up because the newspaperman is always on time. I get up and join my seniors to greet him. He can't see me because I'm still in my chamber but I'm sure he can hear me say  MORRRRNINGG!

It's also the time I tell my dad that I'm already awake so he can prepare my breakfast for me. Wait, he'll let me out to the garden for my 'business' first then I've my breakfast. After finishing my breakfast, I always wait for this game (this game has been on since the first day I was born but I still haven't figured out how to play it yet). I will sit there and wait... My dad is in the kitchen, he opens a jar and takes out some little dark brown buttons, puts them into a noise making thing. The noise takes about 5 seconds and this thing makes magic too. The  buttons have become powder and the air is full of something that my dad says it's called AROMA. I don't mind that smell but I definitely don't like that noise, it irritates me so much that I bark.  My dad doesn't like me barking, he'll say 'hush' and 'no' whenever I bark but he never knows that I'm actually trying to tell him that the noise is too sharp and loud for my little ears. No, he never understands it. He ignores me and goes to his studyroom with his 'breakfast'.

7.30am - It's bright now. I finally get to go out to the garden but I have to stay in the playpen until my mom is free. Before we play, I've to do all the revisions I've learned from the OB class. I always try my best to behave myself and does whatever she wants me to. They are actually easy, I just have to walk, sit, down and stay and run a bit with her. When she thinks I can do all of them, she plays with me. I really love playing with her. Sometimes, I think she's more excited than I'm, well, who knows?

8.45 am - I usually have to go back to my chamber before this time as my dad has to work hard so he can buy me treats and my mom is a yoga freak so she never misses her lessons.

11 am - My mom is back at last. It's time for me to go out for some fresh air again. Mom might play with me for awhile and then she will leave me out there, in the playpen, sigh!!! (She's so strict on me lately as she's worried that the slippery tiled floor might make my legs worse).

He's my neighbour but I don't know his name,
he always peeps when I play with my mom in the garden at this hour

11.30 am -4 pm

4 pm - I'm energetic again. I'll play with my toys in my chamber - alone! Mom isn't free yet.

5pm - I can bark and run and play in the garden again. This time, I get a longer time out there. Sometimes, mom will trick Grandma Laura and Uncle Mika to join me. She'll give them treats and they fall into her tricks and then they end up being trapped in my play pen, BOL!!! I like them very much. I like to play run and chase with Uncle Mika, he is a sprinter!!! I can't run with Grandma Laura because she seldom runs nowadays. She can do perfect 'down stay' at home. She can keep her stay for 30 minutes or even longer. It's amazing, isn't it? I can't do it at all, those motorbikes, cars, passers-by and birds are so interesting. But my Grandma Laura didn't even show a slight interest in them. I really don't understand...

I know it's not clear but this is the one and the only picture that I play with my Uncle Mika
He really seldom plays with me
We're running happily!!!

5.30 pm - My beloved dad is home. I know he works hard everyday because whenever he's home, he brings me food which is called 'dinner'. I think he goes out to look for my food everyday. So sweet of him!!!

 Dad is home!!!

7 pm - It's time to go back to my chamber again. They say it's dark and mosquitoes will suck my blood. I don't like the idea of my blood being sucked so I'd better stay away from them.

8 pm to 10.30 pm - I rest in my room and wait patiently for my mom and dad to come over to play with me. They always take turns. Mom comes for half and hour and then dad comes for another half an hour, and  one of them will come again. I will play with them to make them happy. I think they like to play with my Mr Bear so whenever they're here, I'll offer them my Mr Bear. I'm a very caring and  generous girl. They like to hide my Mr Bear and let me look for him. They always think I don't understand so they keep on asking,'Where's Mr Bear?'. I know exactly where Mr Bear is but I've to act like I don't know where he is so they think they're cleverer. However, I'll show them I'm not dumb and I find Mr Bear at last. They will praise me and say I'm a clever girl. I ALWAYS AM!!!

10.30pm - Nite nite

These are what I do everyday from Monday to Friday. 
A little changes on Saturday but nothing special to be mentioned. I might get to walk in the neighbourhood. Oh I overheard one day that they've found a place and might take me there one day when Rosie is home.

I love Sundays. There's OB class which is always full of fun. 
I've to work a bit but I get loads of treats and I meet my friends there. 


Friends and treats - important elements in life!!!

So, how about you???

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Eva girl had her hip and heart x-rays yesterday.

The hip x-rays are because she always walks and runs a bit strangely and she looks like she has cowhocks.

The heart x-rays because her momma Hana had it and we're worried that Eva might inherit it.

The reports of the x-rays:
The hip - Eva's right hip looks fine at the moment but her left side has something called joint space increase. The vet's advice is to just leave it and give our girl some supplement and keep an eye on it. The worst case is she might need a surgery when she's bigger but if it's under control, we should just keep an eye on her as she's still developing. Apparently this joint space increase can't be fixed up except surgery (my understanding at the moment) but as long as it doesn't aggravate, we should just leave it. However, according to the vet, we need a second opinion and that's why he kept the films as he wanted to pass them to an orthopaedist who is in univsercity for a second opinion. We'll get back to him next Friday.

The heart  - According to the x-rays, Eva's heart looks clear and has no sign of heart enlarged problem. In the x-rays, due to her moving but not staying still, her heart looks a bit lopsided. The vet didn't give her anesthesia when he did the heart x-rays because he knew Hana had it and it's better not to put any burden on her. The anesthesia was only for the hip.

After a couple of hours at the vet's, Eva was happy to see us and the vet said she was an angel there as she made no fuss, no barking and behaved very well. She was so happy when we reached home, Mika and Laura all went to her and gave her loads of licks and sniffs of course. The little one jumped, ran and barked happily as usual.

To us, the x-rays report didn't sound too good nor too bad and we'll keep doing whatever we're doing with her right now.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Belated Father's Day & my new friends

Hi buddies, it's Eva here today

I actually wanted to wish you all a very Happy Father's Day yesterday but my mom said she wanted to post something about my last OB class thingy and she would send the wishes in the same post too. What a shame! She forgot about it. Nothing about 'Happy Father's Day' mentioned in the previous post. Didn't she know that Father's Day is more important?

 Oops, my apologies!!!

Anyway, in order to mend her mistakes, my hoomanlady took me to visit my daddy and his other family members.

I was so happy so I tried to make a 'cheese' face,
Not really good at it though

My mom didn't tell me where we went when she put me in the car. I stayed in my crate quietly and didn't say anything as I know she doesn't like others to disturb her when she's going to somewhere she's not so familiar with. She needs 100% concentration while she's driving. I behaved very well. Really well. I didn't even breathe heavily as I was afraid I might disturb her. I could feel that the journey was a bit longer than usual, it's definitely longer than the journey to my private doctor and it's even longer than the journey to my OB classes. Oh my my, it really took sometime when she finally said, 'Ok, we're here, Puppy!'

Then I saw this lady whom I've met a couple of times before and when I looked around, I remember I'd been here once.

I saw my daddy, my beloved daddy. But I almost couldn't recognise him because he had a new trim, even Blossom, my mom's best girl friend had a trim too. I really wanted to show you their pictures, especially my dad. However, they didn't allow me as they said they'd prefer you all see them when their coat is fully grown again! I promised them.

Instead of putting my daddy's picture here, I'm here.
Look at my eyes, they said I've my daddy's eyes!
But I look more like my dearest mama, Hana

However, I couldn't resist to show you my new friends here. Mind you, they are so gorgeous and beautiful that you might fall in love with them. They're very kind and gentle to me and they played with me too. It's so much fun to play with them and I liked them very much.

Come meet my friends...

Jenna the blue merle girl,
isn't she sweet?

Joshua the bi-black

A beautiful family!!! 
(from left to right, Daisy, Pico, Jenna and Joshua)

I made sure I'm in the picture too : )

Daisy and Pico

After the formalities of butt-smelling,

I decided to pounce on Daisy and so the games began!

A short break ...

The End!!!

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