Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #85

We read this from Sara's blog and just because it applies to our two furries, we had to share this beautiful quote with you as well:

"when God sees a dog he likes, he folds one of its ears down to remember it."  Like marking a page in a book.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Visiting a Chinese Temple

We decided to go somewhere different with Eva today and we chose to visit a Chinese Temple which was high up in the mountains.

The view from here

You can see the capital city , Kuala Lumpur from a distance.

At the carpark we found some animal sculptures.

The pagoda

At the entrance. Eva giving her girly look.

Now let's zoom out...
Can you still see her??

She behaved herself very well. Lots of people were interested in her and also many commented on how pretty she was. Someone even asked to take her picture.

This is the traditional Imperial Guarding Lion, often called 'Foo Dogs' in the Western culture.
They were believed to protect the temples, palaces, and homes of the wealthy.

Who do you think is the better protector here???? 

A huge Buddha statue

Does it look like Buddha is looking at her?

She was such a good girl and knew how to pose every time we asked her to.

Here are some of the statues

Dragons on the roof

Eva reading about the Lohans

"Lohans are well-known for their great wisdom, courage and supernatural power. Due to their abilities to ward off the evil, Lohans have became guardian angels of the Buddhist temple and there in the main hall standing guard are the ever-present, indomitable-looking 18 Lohan figures, sometimes accompanied by 500 or more lesser Lohans."

At the exit

This was the last posing spot with the Chinese lanterns.
You can see that she looks pretty tired out!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Grooming your dog

I've noticed that many people have commented on how Eva was always so perfectly groomed in the photos. 

The reason we groom her is not because of the photos we are taking.

The main reason is because dogs (especially furry ones like Eva) shed a lot and if we don't groom them and remove all that dead hair, her fur is going to be flying around in our home a lot more than it already is. And yes, I know many of you are pretty used to seeing dog fur covering everything and to be honest, so am I now. However, before we had Eva, the dogs have stayed outside and were never allowed in. 

I guess now I have to explain further on dogs staying outside as many might think it is abusive...
In Malaysia, the climate stays the same all year round, so there are no cold winters EVER. 
MOST dogs in Malaysia live outside in their humans' compounds. MOST people in Malaysia live in a gated house, which means that the compound is fully fenced. Many people keep dogs to guard the house as robbery is very common.

I always said I'll NEVER have a dog in the house.
Guess you cannot ever say never.

So I do get bothered when I see furballs flying around and always try and pick them up.

Which is why I do this...

Eva used to be (as a puppy) a little wretch when it came to grooming.
She would run away and not let you catch her...wriggle out of your arms.
Now she's pretty good with it. We groom daily - 10 to 15 minutes is all it takes!

Which is why you always see her like this :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mishmash Monday #18

My friend, Gabbe and I.

Follow the treats!

Umm...Gabbe, where are you looking? The treats are on the right!

Hey! It's posing time now!!!! What are you doing???


Now, can we go?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Princess in the Park

What better way to spend your Sunday morning in the park, right?

Well, almost right ...

Human notes: It was HOT today! The sun was scorching down on us and to add to that uncomfortable sticky feeling, Malaysia has been 'blessed' with haze from the forest fires in Sumatra, Indonesia. Some of you may not know what haze looks like, so here's a picture I found for you on wikipedia. This is the haze over Kuala Lumpur (the capital of Malaysia).

Okay, it wasn't that bad today... 
but it was still hot and humid, and the poor girl still had to do some modelling for us. 
Mostly though, we had to stay in the shade as it was just too hot, even for us humans, let alone our little fluffy princess!

The photo above has a funny side to it.
Whilst Rosie was taking this photo, a bird pooped on her!! 
At first she thought, a leaf fell and asked us to check...turns out it wasn't a leaf.
And luckily it didn't go on her head. 
Sometimes, one has to make sacrifices to take pretty pictures.

Taking a little rest.


Commentary by Eva: 

They told me to pose with the leaves, "just coz it looks pretty". Can you believe it?
So I had to give them my best smile.

Then off we went to a shady place with rocks...I had to stand on top of them and appear brave, but really, I was a little worried. 

And this one looks like I'm in a jungle.

Mental note to self: Don't ask humans to take me to the jungle...I guess there will be lots of ants there, and I don't like ants at all! They crawl on me and some even bite!! It's a good thing I have lots of fur for protection. Also, the ground is a bit muddy and wet and I wouldn't like that on my snow white paws.
Make-belief jungles like this one, are fine though :)

Apparently I look like a large, oversized baby here.

Nah! This is the REAL Eva!
I see no babyness in her whatsoever!!!
(The humans say otherwise, but take no notice of them.)

After all these photos, you guys must be EXHAUSTED.
Well, I can tell you, so was I!

Well, I am going to leave it here, but I haven't told you about who I met up with!
Maybe another day! 

Until then!

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