Monday, March 29, 2010

Joyful Greetings

Rosie came back yesterday and all the dogs were so excited to see her again, especially Mika, who was the happiest dog that ever lived. He still follows her around everywhere, and even lets Eva jump on him without complaining.

Even Laura allowed this to happen!

Now we have 3 very contented dogs. Mika and Laura are getting too much love and Eva, well, she's having her 'intensive' training lessons.

After some walking practise in the garden, it was time to GO OUT!
I think Eva never expected to set foot outside the gate, so when it happened, she was still in quite a shock. Everything was new to her and interesting. Once, when a dog barked, she stayed there until she found the source of the barking. She didn't pull us, instead we pulled her. We didn't allow her to get into the habit of sniffing everything, and picking up rubbish. She walked pretty nicely overall, which is great. We'll see how the next few days get on, and will try to get you some pictures!! :)

Hehe! Our little pup seemed pretty excited about it all!

After a long EXCITING day filled with lots and lots of cuddles and kisses and licks (Eva is really a human pup!), she decided it was time to settle in for the night, tucked safely away under her 'blanket'.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tag and games!

Our big buddy, Hero tagged Princess Eva to play a fun game of what's in the folder?
The rules of the game are:
1. Open your 1st Photo folder.
2. Scroll to the 10th photo.
3. Post the photo and the story behind it.
4. Tag 5 or more people.

Well, here goes. We are going to open our folder, called Eva that has pictures from EVERY DAY of Eva's puppy life.

This picture is the 10th photo of Eva's first day of birth.

The picture explains everything. 
Eva is having her milk-time, while Hana helps her. Laura supervises the feeding time :) 

We would like to tag RickySaraBanditFizz and Remington to participate in this awesome game!

And now, back to some more serious matters.

Remember this little buddy?

Ok. Now imagine this scenario.
A little puppy is playing happily in the garden, unaware of 2 sneaky eyes watching her every move.

The puppy runs around with her stuffie and then drops it in front of this dog.

What happened there??

This rottie just needed a few kisses and some persuading from her beloved grandchild to give him back. 


And now for some beautiful pictures of Laura we managed to get today.
She doesn't look 10, does she?

What a lady.


That tag game from Hero reminded me of the past pictures of Eva and WOW! What a huge difference! 
She's gone past the cute, chubby stage, and now she's more like a little girl.
Shelties come with so many different growing stages :D Fascinating.

Every day, her look changes. As much as I would love to show you a picture from each day here, I don't think I would be able to because today is day 120 (yes, we do count! haha).

But here are some very VISIBLE changes.

At 2 weeks, she was a cute soft toy.

At 4 weeks, a show dog in the making :), yet still with that blocky head.

At 6 weeks, she becomes more regal, but still with her cuteness.

At 8 weeks, she becomes more and more beautiful.

At 10 weeks, that little girl in her is emerging. She is beautiful, cute, proud.

At 14 weeks, you begin to ask, Who is this girl? Is this the same puppy? 

At 16 weeks (now), all I see is drop dead gorgeous. (Or maybe I'm just being the boastful mom)
 Her new fur is also growing now!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sending lots of love

In today's post, we would like to send lots of love and wishes to our furry friends who need it.

Dear Oreo, we hope that leg of yours gets better so you can do what you love doing most. 

Dear Sing, we hope you stop limping so that you can go back to agility with your mommy.

Dear Kona, we hope that nasty mystery mouth illness of yours goes away.

We send our love to Gertrude and hope she finds comfort in Josie and Marybeth.

We also send lots of love to MaxDog who is fighting hard for his life. 

You are all blessed with a loving family and loving friends. May you all get better soon! 

And now for some laughs!

Whenever Eva sees the camera near her face, she doesn't shrink from it. In fact, she finds it hilarious to pull funny faces at us!

If I can't see you, does that mean you can't see me??

Wishing you a weekend full of joy and happiness!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Visiting the Vet

Eva had her last puppy jab this morning which means she can start exploring the outside world soon... Yay...

Hey, I'm visiting the vet, will be back soon!

Our Princess Eva was quite excited when she saw me taking the crate out. I guessed she knew it means a car ride awaiting for her. So, there was no problems of getting her into the crate and I think she was really eager to get in it too.

 What's up? At the clinic now?

We had a very smooth journey to the vet. Nobody was at the reception but we could hear people talking in the surgery room as the door slightly ajar. Eva was pretty excited and restless in the crate as she moved a lot in it. Suddenly she made the first move, a 'puppy woof' from her and before I warned that she'd better behave herself, a 'LOUD WOOF' as a reply from the surgery room. It was so hilarious to see our little Eva was shocked, jerked a bit and kept very still and quiet since then, she definitely didn't expect any barking like her Grandma Laura in the clinic because she only met little kitties during the past visits.

I was so glad that our little Eva behaved so well and made no fuss during the check-up. Even the vet praised her and gave her lots of treats. Of course our little Eva was very happy to have those yummy treats as a reward. However, she didn't even know that while she was enjoying her treats, the vet gave her the jab. No yelping, screaming and wrestling at the clinic if you all know that she can be a drama queen sometimes. Everything was pleasant and smooth.

When we reached home, little Eva still looked really alright and she played with Laura and Mika for awhile.
 I got some yummy treats from the vet!

However, things changed 2 hours later. The hyperactive puppy transformed into a very very quiet puppy who showed no interest in meal. Instead of wagging her tail when she saw her lunch, she just sat there staring at the food and wondering whether she should eat it or not. Well, she finally couldn't ignore her hunger and realised food was important so she finished it all. Again, it was so unusual that she didn't run in the garden and didn't disturb the two adults even though they were there after her lunch. Poor little Eva just either stood at a spot for a long time or sat in her playpen and made no movement most of the time.

She is so quiet and she looks so upset! 

No, I can't walk anymore!!!
I'm in pain!!! (Do I look like it?)

Hope she gets better soon. 
Where's our naughty, hyperactive, cheeky Eva?

Monday, March 22, 2010

A puppy's life


Do you know what I did today? I played and played and played, I ran and ran and ran, and of course, I also gave my humans lots and lots and lots of kisses (on their face mostly). Well, I did do some training too, like how to walk on the leash, which I haven't mastered yet, and 'sit'. Every morning, I'll see my daddy rattling the leashes, Laura and Mika running around him excitedly, and I think to myself, what are they so excited about? Then I see them walk out of the gate, and oh, do I wish I could do the same!! Later, they'll come home, satisfied, I'll run up to them and sniff them asking them where they've been. My humans hope I won't be one of the dogs who don't like walking, and would be lying down in the middle of the road, refusing to walk. Well, honestly, what's the point of going out if you're not free to run wherever you want! 

Here I am learning how to sit...I must say, the only fun thing about it is the treats. 
I also practised how to 'fly', not really succeeding in it, unfortunately...

Did some free stacking

And best of all, I played with my friend, Happy Feet. He loves being flung about, honestly! I keep telling my humans he enjoys it, but they think I'm hurting him. 


Look he's fine really.
Well, that's because he doesn't know I'm stalking him!!!

*Ouch! That must hurt!*

I also gave Grandma Laura some extra kisses in the morning because she wasn't feeling too well. She didn't eat her food, and she didn't eat any chicken soup & rice yesterday evening and I think she might be quite hungry then. 

But Mommy said Grandma Laura seems alright now because she ate a package of treats later this morning, some chicken soup & rice for lunch and then some of her own kibble two hours later. Oh my dear, she ate a lot indeed and she had so many different types of foods!!! She's so lucky!!! I'm so so glad that she's found her appetite back and she drinks plenty of water which the humans say it's good for all of us to have lots of water.

And finally, some rest for the princess on the swing, pushed by my faithful humans.

Ever seen a pup who loves the swing more than I?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Bath!?!

Greetings! Princess Eva here!
After my eye-opening experience with Mr. Chick-Chick-Chicken (whom my humans say luckily I didn't touch due to the fact that I've only had 2 vaccinations), my humans decided I needed A bath. Well, I guess I did stink just a bit, I mean, I've never had one, you know! I do get cleaned everyday with damp cloth or baby wipes, but never with water! So my first wet experience was indeed, unpleasant.
I was too terrified to bark. I didn't know what to do. My human said I was a good girl for not running away, although I did try to walk away.
I used Grandma Laura's 'floral' shampoo, which made me smell very nice :) After my bath (which seemed like ages!!), my mommy got a towel to dry me.
Overall, I rate this experience 2 out of 10. Really ... it was quite ... horrendous.
My humans said I looked more beautiful and less stinky after my bath! Do you think so?
Then I went to ask Grandma if I smelt nice and looked nice. Well, I think she was quite jealous because she didn't really say anything. But I gave her a kiss anyway.

My reward for behaving so well in the bathroom was having my stuffie Dalmation with me running in the garden again!!! 
I'm a bit tired now, how about you, Mr.?
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