Saturday, July 27, 2013

Little update

Sorry I haven't been blogging recently! I got back from the UK and with Rosie back with us, things have been a little busy lately. However, I just wanted to share some news and photos of the Princess with you, since I'm sure you'll be missing them!!

She had a great time at the boarder's house. She made friends with a very gentle lab, Dunks, and always went to him for 'protection' whenever a dog was too rough with her. She even started her naughty tail-biting antics on him!!

With the gang!

Woops! Looks like Phoebe the puppy was playing a little too rough for a princess' liking!

We took her out today to a little cafe that was near a mall and managed to take some pretty pictures.

"I wonder when she's going to drop some food"

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