I'm sure not all of you will have heard (or read, for that matter) about how Eva came into our lives.
It's like a fairytale with an unexpected twist in the end.

First of course, her mother, Hana would enter our lives. Rosie had been chatting to a sheltie breeder (let's call her R) for some time just asking her some dog-related questions. One day, R asked Rosie if she would like to adopt a 2 year old female sheltie who had been recently diagnosed with an enlarged heart condition  which meant special Royal Canin "Early Cardiac" dog food and heart tablets to be taken daily. It was said that the dogs would still act like normal, but maybe their lifespan would be shorter. We saw Hana's picture and had to say yes! Soon, Hana entered our lives and taught us about how wonderful, sweet, gentle and beautiful a dog could ever be.

3 weeks later
One night, after coming back from our shopping, we saw Hana in the garden with something beside her. My first reaction was that it was a mouse! But then after close speculation, we realised that it was infact a newborn pup! So...how did a pup end up in our house? It was worrying at first because we thought its dad was a stray mongrel! After calling Hana's previous owner who came rushing to our house at around 10pm to help us and give us advice on how to care for a newborn, we realised that her dad was R's sheltie called Sunshine (a show dog and Malaysian Champion). Apparently, before R realised about Hana's heart condition, she had mated Hana and Sunshine but an ultrasound showed no puppy!
And so from Day 0, a little puppy came into our lives!

Unfortunately, God had made other plans for us.
Hana left us when Eva was 3 months old when her organs started shutting down.
We still feel bad for her because when she was with us, she started putting on weight, and we thought we were making her fat so we gave her less food when in fact, she needed the right supplements for her birth!

We're glad to have our little princess with us. She resembles her mother with each day and always reminds us of Hana, but a much naughtier version of course :)

Day 1

1 Month Old

2 Months Old

3 Months Old
4 Months Old
5 Months Old
6 Months Old
7 Months Old
8 Months Old

9 months old
10 months old
11 months old
12 months old

See her pedigree here
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