Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Birthday Post

Dear friends,

Thank you all for your Birthday Wishes!

My birthday was fun, yet tiring.
I enjoyed lots and lots of treats but also had to endure lots and lots of posing.

The humans took me to the park in the morning. It was hot and humid, but me being the professional model I am, took it all in my stride, and posed beautiful for the camera.

Luckily, there were treats involved, so I wasn't too unhappy.

When I came back home, there was more food waiting for me!

Two dinosaurs eagerly awaiting their deaths!


Now, I'm eagerly awaiting presents from my sister Rosie in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray! Guess who's Birthday?

From a teeny weeny baby

To the most adorable puppy

And now...this!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Eva!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

When time doesn't fly

The countdown has started. Just 3 more weeks till my darling sister comes home!

I hope she takes me out on lots of walks and plays with me, instead of that big clunky rottie that was here before!

But what, oh what is this??

Oh, and by the way....

It's my BIRTHDAY in exactly one week!!!

Hmmm.. I wonder what mommy has planned for me!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Do I have a child at home?

Today a friend dropped by to  borrow some food containers from me, her friend, Kim was with her too. It was the first time I met Kim but we had a short yet interesting chat.

Half way through our not-knowing-each-other but trying-to-make-friendly conversation, this came out:

Kim:  So when is your girl coming home?
Me:   She will be home in December.
Kim:  Uh! Why December?
Me:   Oh, she's in a boarding school.
Kim:  Isn't she too young for boarding school? (She sounds a bit not approved here)
Me:   Well, she's quite okay with it.
Kim:  But she needs you! You're her mom! (Her voice was a BIT high now)
Me:   Ummm.. it had been tough in the beginning but we've pulled through it. 

She then gave me a look which made me feel really uncomfortable.  You know those evil stares like Eva's, that's something like hers? It's as if I had done something really wrong.

Me:   My daughter is 16 now. I think she knows how to take care of herself. 
Kim: 16? Really? I thought she was a LITTLE girl!!!!
Me:   No way! (I chuckled. It must be 10 years ago then) 

(My friend finally came out from the kitchen and joined in the last part of the conversation. She laughed but confirmed that my daughter is 16 years old)

Kim: Oh, I'm so sorry! I saw the toys and I thought your child was in the nursery.

Alas! I got it at last!


My house is full of toys! Toys are everywhere: in the kitchen, living room, study room, you name it, they are there. I found Eva's bouncy balls in the toilet a couple of time too. Don't ask me how they got there : )

However, I'm puzzled!

Do her toys look like human puppies' toys? 

You Bet!

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's a ... PARCEL!

Hmmm..I wonder...What do we have here?

Is it a toy?


Smells like dog and....


Do YOU know what this is?

Oh wow!! It's a coat!

Mika, do you think I look pretty in it?

This is no ordinary coat.
This is a Fur drying coat created by Furminator!

We were given cool coat by our awesome blogger friend, Caren, because it was too small for Dakota, her sheltie.

Thanks Caren! It fits Eva beautifully!

We also got sent this super adorable BIRTHDAY card!'s Eva's birthday soon!!!! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I had a great day...NOT

One word to sum up my feelings ...


Priscilla here:

Today, we went to visit a lady who does boarding for dogs and also fosters unwanted dogs, because we are planning on leaving Eva with her when my husband and I visit Tasmania next year. It was just the right timing when some of Rosie's husky friends were going to have a gathering there so we decided to pop in and take a look at the surroundings.

Just as we arrived, Eva had obviously sensed something because she refused to get out of the car and into the house. (She never does this!) So with a little shoving from us, she entered and was greeted by a group of huskies, all bigger than her, may I add! They were friendly, but obviously this strange object required them to 'gang up' on her!

I think Eva was terrified of all the huskies. She didn't like it when one of the pups wanted to play with her, and went to her submissive pose many times. 

She then got dumped into the pool and swam a few rounds, showing everyone how elegant she was!

There are no words to describe how unhappy this girl was. But if you imagine that our greedy little girl refused to eat any yummy treats, you can pretty much understand it.

She was ok with the smaller dogs, though, which is good. For boarding, the large and small dogs are kept separated, so it means that she should be fine.

We also met a gorgeous foster rottie there. She is beautiful and absolutely loves the water. Everytime you throw a toy in the pool, she will jump in and get it. She has a wonderful temperament too! Her name is Rottie.

Eva is sleeping soundly now, four legs in the air.
After all, home is always the safest place to be.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Teehee I got presents ^^ !!

Who says we dogs can't understand what the humans are saying?

I just heard that I will be getting some presents from my sister Rosie!!!

She just knows what to get for me...
 Squeaky toys that are small enough to fit in my mouth, but big enough to fling around!

Here is what I got.
Silver, the rottie, is modelling them here. I can't believe he got to them before I did!
I always love saying Hi to Silver. I think he enjoys my kisses too!
When Orah met him, he almost became dog food!!! Ironic isn't it?

Both toys are squeaky and soft! I can't wait to try them out!

Just 5 more weeks before Rosie is home!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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