Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Blues? Nah!!!

Do you like Mondays?

This is how Mika feels on most Mondays.
Eva: You look a bit too serious today, Uncle Mika!!!

Eva: Come on! Just a smile, pleaseeeee!!!
Mika: Missy, you're a nuisance!!! Ok, I'm smiling now!

For my previous post :D

Have a great start to the week!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Life is beautiful!

Life is beautiful 

you are loved

you can play with your favourite toys

you can make some funny faces

you have fresh air to breathe in
you have clean water to drink
you have someone to share you happiness and sadness with
you can steal the sponge from your humans but they can never catch you because you're faster!
you have lots of treats
you have friends to play with
you can do agility
you work for treats

you can dig holes but there is no prove that you're the ONE!!!
you have sunshine
you have snow
you have flowers and plants
you have other creatures around you
you have your loved ones in your memories

you can sleep peacefully at night

These are what I could think of right now, if you have yours, please help continue the list : )

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tricky T-Day

We are still learning 'pick it up' and I hope Eva could hold the object in her mouth for a longer time so eventually we can come to the stage of 'hold'. However, Eva has her own idea, she will pick the object up and drop it immediately once she thinks she has fulfilled my wish. Then she will stay there with the look 'I've done it! Where's my treats, dear?'  LOL!!!

Hope this video will brighten up your day!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Goodbye Misty girl

Dear Misty,

We're so sad and couldn't stop crying when we read about that you had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this early morning. Oh Misty, we didn't like this idea and we weren't prepared at all but we respect your decision.

You're a wonderful, beautiful and the sweetest girl in the world and we know that you're always a good girl to your dad and mom and a very caring sister to Oreo.

Hana and Laura will be there welcoming you at the door of the bridge and three of you can play with each other happily there.  I think I can see three beautiful girls running and playing happily over the bridge now.

We love you and we will miss you a lot though!

Run free and be happy, our dearest Misty girl!

RIP, Misty

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some time ago!

This happened three weeks ago, the weekend before my dearest sister Rosie went back to school. We didn't manage to post it because of all sorts of lame excuses!!!

I went to my old OB school to visit my ex-trainers and some of my old hooman friends and furfriends but I made some new friends too.
I met this little girl, Gabi.

Met more friends

I was too scared to go inside the chute so I thought I'd pose by it instead!
 Where's my treat???
Let's play 'jump' instead of 'weave', please!!!
I was asked to do 'leave it'.

It's always fun to run and play with Rosie.
At night...

Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Purple Purse

Something came in the post today, and it was this cute little hand-knitted bag we won from Maggie and Mitch!

At first, when mommy hung it around my neck, I didn't really know what to do with it.

Soon after, I realised that I could also do my daily duties wearing it, and it made me look prettier!

Thank you for this beautiful bag, Maggie and Mitch!! 
I'm sure we can find a good use for it somewhere in the house!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On the way to Vegas

After watching our friend, Sara do this trick, we wanted to try it out too!

Many of our friends have tried it too, like Ricky and Marge and I have to say we all rock!

Eva is a bit on the rough side, but then she thinks everything can be eaten! 

We are getting ready to join Ricky's trip to Vegas!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our Licks to Rosie!!!

After Mom had posted her longest post in her world, I think all my blogger friends will hope she won't touch the keyboard again. Mom, please don't come here too often, you give my friends headache!!!

My sister Rosie, the one you know even better by now, just finished her mock exams last Friday. I had wanted to send her my good luck charms but I didn't have a chance to do so. Blame my mom again!!!

As you all know, if we go to OB classes or whatsoever classes, we will have exams and trials as humans and in the end, they will tell us how well we do it, right? It is the same as my sister Rosie. She is going to get her results one by one from tomorrow onwards. I know she isn't worried about it at all but I think I'd better cross my paws for her.

More well wishes are on the way to Rosie because she is going to have loads of concerts from this week onwards until... well, she doesn't even know when the last one will be. They are just lining up in her diary until her summer break, I guess.

Uncle Mika said he would send her all his licks!!!

What a good idea, I am sending her my licks too...

While she is studying and practising hard at school,
I will play hard at home too...
So we are equally hard-working.

Good luck!!!
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