Name: Mika
Age: 3 years
Breed: Spitz mix
Gender: Male
Height: 17"
Extremely clever
Quite dominant and loves marking although he is neutered
Tries to do things his own way
Very short attention span

When we got him, he was 8 months old, and being a puppy, was extremely naughty, and would really try our patience, and alpha. And at that time, we were still not really 'with it' in the doggy world. So we didn't know how to really control him.

Now, at three years old, he has finally mellowed down, is more mature, but with a lot of consistency and training, he is a much better behaved dog. He knows the limits (hopefully), he's getting there anyway.
Previously, getting him to down was a tough job, and he hated it. He would feel so stressed and stiff. But now, the grooming he gets daily (which he loves) and slowly, he is 'down'ing more often, and even rolling over(voluntarily), which was even out of the question before.

He's also a great watchdog and guard dog. He is 'almost' fearless (only being scared of thunder and fireworks). 

So I guess he's maturing a lot, and he's gone quite a long way, which is good.
He LOVES people and is a very confident boy.

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